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Saturday, July 22, 2017

New Blog Page

I added a page along the top of my blog called De-Stash Sales. It will be a place I will post links to stuff I have on eBay and stuff I sell directly off the page (if I figure out how to do that).

I have one item on there so far, not stitching related, but plan to add some charts and kits as I de-stash and make room for more of coarse!!

So check it out once in a while if you like and let me know what you think of this idea.

Friday, July 14, 2017

EGA National Seminar 2017

The 2017 EGA National Seminar is in Asheville, NC. I am going and leaving hubby home with the puppy! I hope the house is in one piece when I get back.

From 1999 to 2007, I lived in NC and look forward to seeing friends from that time at Seminar and one of them has a brand new needlework shop nearby I hope to get to as well.

I enjoy seminars for many reasons, but mostly to catch up with stitchers I now only see at Seminars since I have moved away. I originally joined EGA while living in Iowa, and have been a member since while living in North Carolina and Colorado. It is also fun to meet new stitchers in the various classes I take.

With EGA, the opening banquet has seating by Region. I know lots of people in the Region I just left, Rocky Mountain, but few if any in my new Pacific Southwest Region. I am still a member of my Foothills chapter in Colorado and could probably sit with them, but it is also good to move on and meet new folks. But I will definitely be checking out the Rocky Mountain Region table!

This will be my 5th EGA Seminar and 6th seminar over all since 2001. My first seminar was the ANG seminar in 2001. Ever since that seminar I have had a special needlework savings account just so I can go to seminars!! It does add up after all.

I am taking two, two day classes.

One is Pathways by Margaret Kinsey. I will say the design is not my style, but I want to learn the technique and missed her when she came to Colorado. I hear she is a good teacher and I know I will enjoy the class since I love to learn new techniques and am willing to try them at least once. Here is the supply list:

Pictured below is a board I have for beading that is covered with blue velvet that I think will work, but if anyone out there knows differently, please let me know.

I am also taking a canvas piece by Ann Strite-Kurz called Loon Tunes. I have never taken a class from her and have heard good things, so I thought now is the time. Plus I like birds including Loons!! I did not notice it had pre-work when I signed up, however!

There are two pre-work assignments to get done, but first we are to baste the centers and top and bottom before the assignments. So the pre-work has pre-work! Sort of.

I have the basting done! Yippee. Hard to see in the photo, but green basting lines are in!!

That about covers is for now!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Puppy & Stitching

Well the puppy is getting bigger (over 10 pounds now) and I am finding times in the day I can stitch. Up to now I was only stitching once a week at club meetings! I am also finding more computer time, so we are getting a little more back to normal!

I have a folder on my desk top called "copies for blog" where I put photos to blog about before I file them away. These were in it so, here you go!!

First (from April) a pretty blooming cactus in my neighborhood.

I am a member of the Desert Threaders EGA chapter and this was one of our projects this past year. A wool applique pin cushion. 

I am also a member of the Saguaro ANG chapter and this is a project we did to learn a finishing technique called envelope finishing. 
Here it is just off the stretcher bars followed by  both sides of the finished piece.

In my finish finishing basket is my progress on an ANG Chapter Project Notebook project - a collapsible ort box. Which I have been working on and off again for a few years. 
I am getting so close to finishing it, I should get back to it!!!  
And I love my clover clips to hold stuff together instead of pins.

This is the scene behind my back while I am on the computer. 
Unless she is on the other side of the chair in which case I may see a nose.

That is all for now!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pillow and Pup

I personal goal of  mine was to make at least one stitched item for all my nieces and nephews. I met that goal this year when I made this Iowa Hawkeyes mini pillow for nephew Sam!

The chart was from, the only change I made was to use black fabric to stitch on rather than stitch the black background.

Below you will see where Little Coco sleeps when I am on the computer. She can see me and when I turn around I can see her. So far so good!

Not much else going on here, hope your day is going well!!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

A New Puppy & Some Stitching

Two weeks ago we went to an adoption event where local rescue groups would have dogs to offer. We planned on getting a medium sized, male adult dog, maybe around 1 1/2 years old.

So we got Coco from BBS Honor.

As you can probably tell, Coco is not a boy nor an adult dog! The rescue group had named her Maddie, but since that was the name of the dog we lost in November we changed it to Coco. She is 14 weeks old and almost seven pounds. Still a little stinker about the crate though.

Now for some other news:

I decided to enter the stitched pillow I finished last year in the Maricopa County Fair and it won a blue ribbon!

Here is a fun wreath I made at my Sun City Festival Paper Crafts Group. We each made our own seasonal wreath and I deiced on Red White and Blue. It was fun, and easy, but curling the paper was a bit time consuming - good to do while watching TV!

That is all for now....
I have to go see what the puppy is up to.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

This and That

I have been busy setting up a new Needlework related Chartered Club in my community. It has taken up a bit of my time, but we are now official! The needlework club of Festival Stitchers is meeting weekly and we have a good start. I started a blog for the group, we will see how that goes. Not much there at the moment.

Now to catch up a little.

I think I forgot to show you this cute Snowman ornament I made for sister-in-law 2 (SIL2, my husband's sister). I have two sister in laws, my brother's wife and my husband's sister. I have know my brother's wife the longest, she will be SIL1.

Here is the front and back of the ornament I made. SIL2 loves snowmen and I make usually make her a snowman something for Christmas (sometimes her birthday). This is called SNOW by Val's Stuff and is from the 2106 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue.

Here are some beaded items I had for sale at our communities last Craft Expo. I sold one bracelet.

My local EGA Chapter, Desert Threaders had a cute wool applique project this month. It is a little cherry tart pin cushion. So cute!! And easy to make too.  It is called "Baking Cherry Tarts" designed by Deborah Gale Tirico (c) 2012.

That about covers it for now!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Virtue Leads Finish Finishes

 Last year the Sampler Guild of the Rockies decided to have their annual workshop be a finishing class. So we did all the stitching in advance, and were to do all the finishing in class. Well I up and moved to Arizona before the class, but I did get all the pre-work done, not knowing when our house would sell.

It is Virtue Leads Stitch Book, scissor fob, needle book and pyn keep by Chessie and Me an original design by Linda Lautenschlager. It is on 36 count Lakeside linen and uses Classic Colorworks threads and Weeks Dye Works  Mountain Mist wool fabric.

Well the nice folks at the Sampler Guild sent me all the stuff and instructions to finish this project and this past week I did just that!

It consisted of a paper mache book box that we painted blue, rubbed on some paraffin wax as a resist and then painted it black. I then sanded off areas I wanted the blue to show through to give it a distressed look.

I attached the stitched pieces for the book onto the nice wool felt provided and then attached one on the front of the book and one on the inside - see the first two photos below.

The second photo has the box open (which I lined with some paper provided) and shows the scissor fob and pyn keep. Also provided was a bit of bees wax and a wooden corner gauge compliments of Chessie and Me.

Also part of the project is a Needle Book.

Here is the front and back of the Pyn Keep

Here it is all together!

It was a LOT of fun to stitch and to finish!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Facebook vs Blogging or Why I Blog

I recently decided to spend less time on facebook and more on blogging. Primarily because I can share my stitching (or whatever) more easily in a blog. I feel I have more poetic license and interact more directly with folks of like minds which is primarily stitching. I can also make my blog look however I like and include informative and fun stuff available all the time via pages at the top of my blog or as gadgets I place in the side bars. I feel more in control here than in faceboook land.

In addition, there is a link at the bottom of each post that lets you share that post directly to facebook. This is great, so all my facebok only friends can see the posts too. I am not sure if I added the ability to link to facebook or blogger did. If I did it, it was too long ago for me to remember how and to tell my fellow bloggers!

I think facebook has a place and works well for fast checkups on what folks are doing, photos, funny animal videos and all, but I feel I can express myself more thouroughly in my blog, and my other blogging friends feel like family. I have noticed less interaction in my blogs (of which I have be guilty) and I hope folks come back to them. I did have one person comment on my last post about facebook that she thinks bloggers are starting to return, I hope she is right!!

I will add, that I have been on facebook too much! When I get to the bottom of someone's blog post I look for a like button!

Since I feel all good blog posts should have a photo, here is a Christmas Thank you card I made.

Thanks for stopping by and 
keep blogging & reading blogs!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Blue Snowman

I realized I did not show you a Christmas gift I stitched for my friend (since graduate school) who is a birder. This is from the 2016 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments Issue - page 33. It is a cute snowman with birds!

It is called Blue Snowman and is designed by The Little Stitcher.  I stitched it almost as charted. It called for a brown nose which I changed to orange and the birds where charted blue like the bird house and line at the bottom. My friend's favorite color is red, so I made the birds cardinals rather than blue birds.

It is sitting on the fabric I used for the backing.

We are having a late Christmas with some family, so I will have more items to post later, but this is all for now.

Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Finish Finishing in the Works

When I moved to Arizona I missed the finishing class offered by the Sampler Guild of the Rockies and taught by Linda of Chessie & Me. I did all the stitching pre-work, but our house sold and we had to head south before the finishing class.

Luckily they sent me the instructions and supplies for finishing and here they are!! I have had this in a box since June (maybe July) and now getting around to working on it.

This is the stitching attached to wool that I will attach to the "book" which I am still in the process of painting, so more later on that.

Last September I had a blog post that included information about a clover twisted cord maker I found at my local Tuesday Morning and promised to report on it when I used it. Well I used it to make cord for this project. It made a decent cord and overall it was easy enough to use.... BUT see the wheel on the sides at the top (just below and to the sides of those white knobs, sorry my cord is over the wheels a little). I had to turn the wheel manually and fully 130 times to get this cord. Not really my idea of a good time!

I need to make more cord for the needle book and will probably use this cord maker again for consistency, but the length will be shorter, so I will not have to turn the wheel as many times - instructions tell you how many turns based on the thread length.

 The cord is for a little scissor fob.

To be continued later!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Politics, Facebook & Kokopelli

Welcome to the political free anti facebook page!

I believe everyone has a right to express their opinions, even on facebook. But lately my facebook page has been up to 90% political - and I am just not that interested. So I am taking a facebook break. I will miss my friends who only post fun stuff, but their posts are overwhelmed by a few of my friends that are now posting 95 - 100% political stuff - that is all I get politics!

I also realized it (facebook) is sucking up a LOT of my time which includes keeping up with this blog. I was a much more active blogger before facebook. I will still send my blog post to facebook so my friends there can get the scoop, but I will miss what they are up to. Makes me sad that a few people have led me to this, but I think I will be a happier less stressed person!! And stress kills.

Welcome to the safe zone!

On to some stitching!

One of my nephews likes Kokopelli, so for Christmas I made him this flat fold he can display as he sees fit. The fabric is what I used for the backs. I believe it is about 4" x 6"

A while back I decided I wanted each of my nieces and nephews to have something made by their Aunt Mary. After this one, I have one nephew to go, and his is in the works. I ran out of thread to get it out for Christmas, but he has a birthday in April!!

That is all for now!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Public Service Announcement

I am in the middle of a special project and ran out of Kreinik #4 braid in color #9300. So I shopped around and had a hard time finding it and tried my LNS from Colorado. They had it online so I ordered it. I got and email from the shop that they were out and Kreinik said it was not available, would #8 work?

Well, since I did not think a background half #4 and half #8 would work, I emailed the shop back and said I was halfway through a project and had it been discontinued? They got back to me right away.

YES Kreinik #4 braid in color #9300 (orchid) has been discontinued.

Luckily Kreink told the shop they had some left and would send them if she really needed some!! So I ordered two just in case. Thought I'd let my fellow stitchers know in case you are using or plan to use this thread.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stitched Christmas Gift

Christmas is a little late this year, I guess I was too relaxed in retirement and let time go by.

I am still working on some gifts, but this pocket (purse) calendar holder I made for my mother in law. She does not have the internet, so I can safely post about it. Finishing instructions were good, so I did that myself too.

I included a photo of the chart so you can see the designer information. I did change the colors since I needed to use DMC, so the conversions are not spot on, and I miss-read the color for the birds, but I think it looks fine! It was fun to stitch since it had a mix of specialty stitches in it for the hearts.

Happy Stitching!!