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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Halloween Finish!

I last told you about Boo! Club on a post here as part of my Taming the Stash Monster Course.

Well, last night I finished it and now I guess it is a FUPPY! Which is a Finished Unfinished Project. Ways to reduce these are also discussed in the course and I hope to finish finish this into a wall hanging before Halloween 2019.  Stay tuned!!

Boo! Club by LizzieKate (C) 2009

It consists of six double flips stitched as one piece. Instructions on how to make it into a banner  with a specific border was provided on LizzieKate's web site and you can click on it here to get the instructions.

It uses Double Flip #'s F82 -F87 and each flip it came with a pair of tiny white and black buttons for each section of the Double Flips. It uses overdyes and a small bit of a DMC floss. It is on 32 Count Belfast linen. Individual Double Flips were done on 30 ct, but that would probably make the banner very long. On 32 count the design area is 5" x 21"

That is about all for now!!   Happy Stitching.

Monday, May 27, 2019


Is a Group Correspondence Course (GCC) by Laura Smith, that I am doing though my Rocky Mountain Region. I am over half way through this course and it has been a bit of an eye opener at times. But it will help me reduce my inventory and I think I will use if for my other crafts - primarily Paper Crafts. Which I blog about at Plays With Stamps and Ink

Given the nature of this course there are not any photos I can take on my progress. But!! You can go to my eBay site to see what I am getting rid of!!

One activity did have us choose a project from our stash to work on at meetings and in the evenings, so I guess I can show you a photo of that.

I chose Boo! Club by Lizzie n Kate

It consists of  6 of her Double Flips that are all Halloween subjects and can be done individually or she gave instructions on how to make it one long band type sampler - which is how I am doing it.

There are 12 total bands and a decorative border and bottom edge. I am doing the borders as I go and so far I have completed the following bands:
black cat

and I am working on monster. This will be followed by ghost and then Halloween, the rest of the border including a decorative bottom border.

Each band has little white or black buttons which I will add last. The monster sure could use its eyes about now though!!!

I believe the last time I posted about this was in this photo heavy post and I was working on black cat.

I think that brings you up to date and thanks for hanging in with me while I figure out this new retirement life - keeps me busier and away from the computer more than I thought it would!!

Monday, November 5, 2018

EGA National Seminar Report

From October 3 to October 7, 2018 I was in Louisville, KY at the Embroiderers Guild of America, Inc. (EGA) National Seminar. We celebrated 60 years as an organization!

 Members of the Seminar Committee, Executive Board, Teachers and maybe some I missed were given this embroidered name tag with back pocket. Here is the top part.

This Seminar was the last one using the old EGA logo and the new one was unveiled.

The sign on the left has our new logo

 The sign on the right has our old logo.

I took three classes and a miracle has occurred, as of last night, I finished all three classes!! It helped that not all were that big and being retired, I had plenty of time to stitch.

On Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, I took a one day class: Nutcracker Santa by Janet Zickler Casey. I finished it last night. The design size is approximately 5" by 6" and I plan to have it finished into a hanging ornament. Probably for our tree next year since I have missed the Christmas finishing deadline for this year.

I then took a Thursday-Friday Class: Songbird by Toni Gerdes. It is based on the needlearts of the late 1700s and honors the Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework. She used stitches from the past with modern threads. It was fun. Design size approx. 8 1/2" by 7". I started it Oct. 4 and finished it Oct. 16. I also had it framed right away since, as fate would have it, I had signed up for a class with Toni through my local ANG chapter (Saguaro Stitchers) and wanted to have it ready to show her.

I also took a Saturday-Sunday class - Diamond Jubilee Sampler by Sandi Cormaci-Boles. I started it Oct. 6 and finished it Oct. 20. In an odd turn of events Sandi was teaching a class at my local EGA chapter meeting to honor our Gold Thread winner and so I worked to finish it to show her! I did not have time to frame it before class however. The finished size is 5" by 7". It uses various stitches and includes some crystals. It was fun too.

At the opening banquet I was seated with the RMR since I helped pass out the favors and it was easier this way. I am also a member of a Chapter there, so I sat with friends!

Opening banquet favor.

We had a nice boutique by ABC Stitch Therapy and I am not sure there was anything left in their shop in TX! We also got a very nice sized tote bag with zipper top. My stitching supplies and System 4 table top frame fit in just fine!

We also received a nice pair of scissors with scissor fob as our closing banquet favor.

 Last but not least, Coco says hi!! I think I woke her up when I took the photo!

Happy Stitching!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rose Bliss & Lucky Gecko

I last told you about this piece here on May 12, 2018. As you see I made some progress and finished it last night. I am on a roll!!

I give you Rose Bliss designed and taught by Kay Cline for the September 30, 2006 meeting of the Carolinas ANG (American Needlepoint Guild). It is on 12"x 12" sage green 18 count mono canvas. If I recall correctly there was a blue version as well as the green. It uses Impressions, Mandarin Bamboo Floss, DMC floss and pearl cotton and some Kreinik braids. Lots of fun stitches and layering.

I seem to have unconsciously and now consciously picked up older Works in Progress (WIPs) which are more like UFOs (UnFinished Objects) to work on lately. So next on my stitching frame is Lucky Gecko by Debbie Stiehler. It is a biggie on 15" x 17" sandstone congress cloth. All I have left is some background stitches on the upper right area and lower left area, beads on the Gecko (including eyes) and Concho metal disks for the corners. So, I am about done!!! It uses overdyed french wool, pearl cotton, cotton floss, rainbow linen and ribbon. I am not sure when I took this class, but I know I was in North Carolina and it is copyrighted 2003 and I was living in Raleigh then, so it is possible this is when I started it. I have since learned to be better about dating stuff - silly me thought I would just finish everything when I took the class!!!! 

That is about all for now!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Jubilation Diamond Box 1

I purchased this kit at a club stash sale in Colorado a few years back since it was in "MY" colors. I finally got around to finishing the stitching and the finish finishing attaching it to the box top. A double whammy!!

It is called Jubilation Diamond Box 1 designed by Denise Harrington Pratt and she also made the box.

Besides the box and finishing materials for the top, the kit had a variegated floss, two solids and a fine metallic and 28 count linen. But all the colors are referred to as color A, B C or D, so I can't tell you the colors except for the cording which used a full skein of DMC 3779.

The finished size is roughly 4"x4". This is the top with cording made by me as well as the stitching. The sides are a little fuzzy because I did this on my scanner. I can't seem to find the photos I JUST took and saved to the computer. GRRR.

This is the side view. Taken with my camera, so what did I do with the other photo?? I may need more coffee or is it too early for wine? It only called for one piece of cording, but I must have misread the instruction because I ended up with a gap, but I had a skein of this color on hand and made a second row of cording. I think it looks fine!

And lastly she puts a label on the bottom of the box since each box is hand made by her and it has a place for the stitcher to add their information. I added the words "and finished by" after the words stitched after I scanned it, so it does not show up here.

It was fun to stitch and the finishing was not too hard either with the good instructions!