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..............."She looks for wool and flax and works with her hands in delight" Proverbs 31:13 NAS

Monday, March 23, 2020

Beading and Working Outside

I have a multitude of crafty things I like to do, so retirement suits me fine! I am doing ok with this Corona virus as far as having stuff to do goes, but I miss my Club socialization!

I primary dabble in  paper crafting*, beading, embroidery/stitching and quilting. With embroidery being my first love. I live in the desert and it gets a bit dusty, so in order to stitch outside I need to clean the surfaces or take out a big towel to cover stuff. Depending on what I am working on that works fine. But it does get a bit windy sometimes and that adds to the challenge.

The easiest thing to work on outside is beading. On nice sunny days I can sit at the table on our patio and work on a project. My mother in law visited from Iowa in February and she liked to sit outside and read. I joined her with my beading and got this bracelet done:

I liked this idea so much I picked up a beading Work in Progress (WIP) and now am working on this necklace.

*I have a blog for my paper craft stuff:

Hang in there folks and wash your hands often!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

New (Old) Project

I seem to be on a roll regarding working on my Sampler Guild of the Rockies (SGR) Works in Progress (WIPs)/UnFinished Obects (UFOs)!!

I am attempting to make 2020 the year of WIPs and UFOs. The only exception being ANG National Seminar which will be in Tucson, so I MUST go, and sale items for our community Expo. I may post later with my WIP and UFO number - could be scary, but will keep me busy for sure!! I also thought I should do these because many are on 36 count linen, which I can still do, but not sure for how long.

I am almost done with the 1837 Crown Sampler, but I want to finish it in April, so I have set it aside for now.

I have picked up a SGR project from 2012/2013 called With My Needle, a complimentary design by Plum Street Samplers. When finished it will go on top of a wooden box. The project also includes a needle book and scissor fob that can go into the box, all based off the chart.

Actually I had been working on it before I started the Crown Sampler UFO, but ran out of thread, so changed projects. I am using Weeks Dye Works (Lancaster Red, Deep Sea and Dried Thyme). It is on 36 Count PTP Doubloon (got that off the label which I happened to tape to the chart).That is all the information I have on the fabric.

Here is where I was when started it back up. I got as far as the top line and part of the second line when I ran out of thread. The chart had all the same symbol, so I think some of the green should be red, but I like it as is and am not taking it out!

This is how much I have done up to now - I finished line two and onto line three.

You will just have to stay in suspense until I get further along!!

Happy Stitching Everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Back to Stitching!

I have picked up my needle to work on a Sampler Guild of the Rockies year long project....from 2014!!

It is the 1837 Crown Sampler. An antique needlework reproduction by Plum Street Samplers.

Since it is a reproduction of the original, the mistakes made my the original stitcher have been charted and reproduced. I will leave it up to you to decide which are the original stitcher's errors and which are mine!! If you can see them that is.

I still have not decided how I will "sign" it, but I have time yet. I am thinking I will try to finish it this April and put April 2020 with my initials.

I have been working on it most every night for a while now, but do not have any photos until the top one taken Feb. 12 and the bottom one taken Feb. 23.

I am now working on page 5 of 6, so I may get it done in April!!

Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Halloween Finish!

I last told you about Boo! Club on a post here as part of my Taming the Stash Monster Course.

Well, last night I finished it and now I guess it is a FUPPY! Which is a Finished Unfinished Project. Ways to reduce these are also discussed in the course and I hope to finish finish this into a wall hanging before Halloween 2019.  Stay tuned!!

Boo! Club by LizzieKate (C) 2009

It consists of six double flips stitched as one piece. Instructions on how to make it into a banner  with a specific border was provided on LizzieKate's web site and you can click on it here to get the instructions.

It uses Double Flip #'s F82 -F87 and each flip it came with a pair of tiny white and black buttons for each section of the Double Flips. It uses overdyes and a small bit of a DMC floss. It is on 32 Count Belfast linen. Individual Double Flips were done on 30 ct, but that would probably make the banner very long. On 32 count the design area is 5" x 21"

That is about all for now!!   Happy Stitching.

Monday, May 27, 2019


Is a Group Correspondence Course (GCC) by Laura Smith, that I am doing though my Rocky Mountain Region. I am over half way through this course and it has been a bit of an eye opener at times. But it will help me reduce my inventory and I think I will use if for my other crafts - primarily Paper Crafts. Which I blog about at Plays With Stamps and Ink

Given the nature of this course there are not any photos I can take on my progress. But!! You can go to my eBay site to see what I am getting rid of!!

One activity did have us choose a project from our stash to work on at meetings and in the evenings, so I guess I can show you a photo of that.

I chose Boo! Club by Lizzie n Kate

It consists of  6 of her Double Flips that are all Halloween subjects and can be done individually or she gave instructions on how to make it one long band type sampler - which is how I am doing it.

There are 12 total bands and a decorative border and bottom edge. I am doing the borders as I go and so far I have completed the following bands:
black cat

and I am working on monster. This will be followed by ghost and then Halloween, the rest of the border including a decorative bottom border.

Each band has little white or black buttons which I will add last. The monster sure could use its eyes about now though!!!

I believe the last time I posted about this was in this photo heavy post and I was working on black cat.

I think that brings you up to date and thanks for hanging in with me while I figure out this new retirement life - keeps me busier and away from the computer more than I thought it would!!