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Monday, May 27, 2019


Is a Group Correspondence Course (GCC) by Laura Smith, that I am doing though my Rocky Mountain Region. I am over half way through this course and it has been a bit of an eye opener at times. But it will help me reduce my inventory and I think I will use if for my other crafts - primarily Paper Crafts. Which I blog about at Plays With Stamps and Ink

Given the nature of this course there are not any photos I can take on my progress. But!! You can go to my eBay site to see what I am getting rid of!!

One activity did have us choose a project from our stash to work on at meetings and in the evenings, so I guess I can show you a photo of that.

I chose Boo! Club by Lizzie n Kate

It consists of  6 of her Double Flips that are all Halloween subjects and can be done individually or she gave instructions on how to make it one long band type sampler - which is how I am doing it.

There are 12 total bands and a decorative border and bottom edge. I am doing the borders as I go and so far I have completed the following bands:
black cat

and I am working on monster. This will be followed by ghost and then Halloween, the rest of the border including a decorative bottom border.

Each band has little white or black buttons which I will add last. The monster sure could use its eyes about now though!!!

I believe the last time I posted about this was in this photo heavy post and I was working on black cat.

I think that brings you up to date and thanks for hanging in with me while I figure out this new retirement life - keeps me busier and away from the computer more than I thought it would!!