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Sunday, April 30, 2017

A New Puppy & Some Stitching

Two weeks ago we went to an adoption event where local rescue groups would have dogs to offer. We planned on getting a medium sized, male adult dog, maybe around 1 1/2 years old.

So we got Coco from BBS Honor.

As you can probably tell, Coco is not a boy nor an adult dog! The rescue group had named her Maddie, but since that was the name of the dog we lost in November we changed it to Coco. She is 14 weeks old and almost seven pounds. Still a little stinker about the crate though.

Now for some other news:

I decided to enter the stitched pillow I finished last year in the Maricopa County Fair and it won a blue ribbon!

Here is a fun wreath I made at my Sun City Festival Paper Crafts Group. We each made our own seasonal wreath and I deiced on Red White and Blue. It was fun, and easy, but curling the paper was a bit time consuming - good to do while watching TV!

That is all for now....
I have to go see what the puppy is up to.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

This and That

I have been busy setting up a new Needlework related Chartered Club in my community. It has taken up a bit of my time, but we are now official! The needlework club of Festival Stitchers is meeting weekly and we have a good start. I started a blog for the group, we will see how that goes. Not much there at the moment.

Now to catch up a little.

I think I forgot to show you this cute Snowman ornament I made for sister-in-law 2 (SIL2, my husband's sister). I have two sister in laws, my brother's wife and my husband's sister. I have know my brother's wife the longest, she will be SIL1.

Here is the front and back of the ornament I made. SIL2 loves snowmen and I make usually make her a snowman something for Christmas (sometimes her birthday). This is called SNOW by Val's Stuff and is from the 2106 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue.

Here are some beaded items I had for sale at our communities last Craft Expo. I sold one bracelet.

My local EGA Chapter, Desert Threaders had a cute wool applique project this month. It is a little cherry tart pin cushion. So cute!! And easy to make too.  It is called "Baking Cherry Tarts" designed by Deborah Gale Tirico (c) 2012.

That about covers it for now!