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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Freebies from My - PARTY BAGS!!

Look what I made using one of 3 great Freebies from  My!

It is a GREAT size for gift cards!!!

Here are samples of each of the freebies with links to the downloads (you do not need the software to make these bags, but you will need it if you want to personalize like I did above):

If you flatten it gently it is the perfect size for gift cards!!!

Go here to purchase the software so you can customize your party bags too!! Please use this discount code STMMMS94732 at check out to receive $10.00 off your purchase!!

Think of the possibilities!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Memories Scrapbooking Software and a Give-away

A few weeks ago I was contacted by My Memories about using and reviewing their My Memories Digital Scrapbooking software on my blog. I received a free copy of the full version of the software to test out. I decided to combine my cross stitch stuff and the scrapbooking by creating a page showing off some of the Christmas ornaments I have given away as gifts. I try to take pictures of them before I send them out and thought a scrapbook would be a pretty way to look at them later.

So here is the first page I made.

I used one of the installed templates and it was very easy. I clicked on each spot to add a picture and then browsed my computer for the photo and selected it. This feature, and the drag and drop feature and the use of text boxes for text is about the same for many computer programs and so it was very easy for me to create, and I think it could be for you too. I can now print it out and put it in my scrapbook album!

But wait there is more, I have not tried it yet, but you can create and send out entire electronic albums for your friends and family. There are templates to create calendars and I get emails from MyMemories about new things and recently there was one to make bookmarks in honor of the new school year. I hope  make greeting cards too. You can even add sound!

You can also expand your templates and other scrapbooking tools by going on line and getting new templates or papers or embellishments (thinks stamps and stickers), etc. Some cost money, but many are FREE. I have not played with any of these yet, so can’t really report out on their use. I hope to do a scrapbook page update at least once a month if not more often - at least that is the current plan!

Now for some EXTRA special GOOD NEWS!!! The company also gave me a coupon code to host a giveaway of their software!! So here are the rules to get a up to two chances to win this software:
  1. All followers automatically get one chance
  2. Everyone who leaves a comment on this blog post telling us what page they like after going to the MyMemories website, will get one chance - only one comment per person please.
  3. You must have an email address I where I can contact you if you are the winner. You do not need to leave it in your comment if you don't want to, I can get it from you later.
  4. The software is available worldwide and so is this give-away!
The contest ends at midnight mountain time Saturday September 1, 2012. I will announce the winner on my blog on Sunday September 2 (mountain time).

Monday, August 20, 2012

Olympic Stitching and Ort Report (TUSAL)

Last week I finished the last cross stitch piece I started during the Olympics. Here is the finished stitching, and I am not sure how it will be finish finished. I have some other hearts that I need to stitch and then I may put them all together in a wall hanging. So for now it will live in the drawer of things to be finish finished.
"International Hearts" by Thea Dueck of The Victoria Sampler
(c) 2003

 Next is my August new moon TUSAL Ort report (just a few days late). First a photo of them in the jar followed by them out of the jar.

You see I worked on a mix bag of colors this past month! If you are wondering what all the hoopla is over the Totally Useless Stitch A Long (TUSAL) go here for more information.

Happy Stitching!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stitch N' Pitich

Last night was the Colorado Rockies Stitch N' Pitch night - go here for more information on this nation wide (dates vary) event. Basically it is sponsored by TNNA - The National Needlearts Association and major league baseball. It combines two great past times, needlework and baseball.

One of my local ANG chapters, Columbine, got a group together and we met at the ball park. The Rockies also let us provide something in the goody bag they passed out to help promote the chapter. I met a fellow chapter member at her house and we drove to the light rail station and took the train to the 16th Street Mall and then we took the free mall bus to Wyncoop St. and walked 4 blocks to Gate E which is where we met the other chapter members.

This was my first time at a Stitch N' Pitch and my first time at a Rockies game, so I had a double good time. The stadium is beautiful and I understand that if you sit in right field and maybe first base, you can see the Rocky Mountains. I can't show you what I worked on while there since it is a gift for someone, but I did stitch until it got too dark to see the holes. Most of our group brought needlework of some sort, cross stitch, needlepoint and wool applique. I brought a small painted canvas so I could just fill in the colors and not have to worry about looking at a chart and it was 18 count so not too hard to see. I hope to go again next year!

Below is the goody bag we received by showing our ticket. Stitch N' Pitchers were all in the same section high up on the third base side. We sat almost a mile high - seats in the stadium at the mile mark the entire seat purple (click on the middle ball field picture to see them), and we were 5 rows below those. Someone said they put us high up so we won't get hit by a foul ball while stitching! :)

 Inside our bag were two balls of 50% NZ wool/ 50% alpaca blended yarn in Rockies purple, a crochet magazine, a post card announcing the Rocky Mountain Weaver's Guild sale, a coupon for a place in North Carolina that makes needle work tools (Twin Birch Products) and some lotion in a tin from Lavisha which is a local (Elizabeth, Colorado) company. The Columbine Chapter gave out glow in the dark bracelets with a tag on it with information about our chapter.

 As the song goes it was "A beautiful day for a ball game..." It started out in the mid 80s and by the end of the game the scoreboard said it was around 72 degrees. There was a slight breeze and over all it was very pleasant. We were also on the left field side so, while we could not see the mountains, we were not in the sun.
 In the photo above you can see the "Rockpile" which are the separate set of seats basically out in center field. I believe those seats are the least expensive seats in the ball park and lots of folks have a great time out there.

Most of the other people around us chose to knit at the Stitch N' Pitch, our group seemed to be the only ones using a needle with and eye. I had a great time, too bad the Rockies lost.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jefferson County Fair

This past weekend was the third Jefferson County Fair. I did not know it was so young, especially since the County is over 100 years old. It looked pretty good for a young fair, kind of small, but I think it has plenty of room to grow! I was there on Sunday afternoon with a fellow Foothills Chapter EGA member at the chapter's table. We had a display of our work and some stitching in hoops for people to try if they wanted. We also had some kits for interested people and stitched in public. We also got interviewed for the local weekly paper!

I entered my Flower Patch, Good Things Come to Those Who Stitch, and a bead crocheted bracelet. I came home with three ribbons.

I may enter the bracelet in the State Fair next year, not sure. That about covers it for now!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Barbie Dress

When I was in second or third grade, I really HATED going to school. I do not really recall why and I would imagine there are more than one teacher that would be surprised to learn that I earned an Master of Science degree! Well I did! But I digress.

One day my mom told me that if I went to school she would make me a dress for my Barbie doll by the time I got home. Well that worked and here is the dress she made for my Barbie doll.

It looks to me to have machine sewing and hand sewing elements. My mom was a wonderful seamstress and tailor until arthritis took it's toll. But I have a few of her things and my brother has a truck with baby cloths she and my grandma (her mother) made for us.

I am hoping in this photo above  you can see the darts in this dress and in the photo below the seams, hems and snaps, etc. Not easy on a small dress.

So here is a little bit of my mom's work! I hope you like it and I am very pleased to still have it unlike the doll which is long gone and once chewed on by the dog! That is a story for another day.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coins Patriotic

I just LOVE my local needlework store (LNS) Fanci-Mats and More in downtown Littleton, Colorado!! I called Friday to see if they had the thread I needed to finish the "Coins Patriotic" I posted about previously under Olympic Stitching. She did not have any, but was waiting on a back order. I then mentioned my disappointment since I wanted to finish before the end of the Olympics and only had maybe 4 inches left to do but the kit did not have enough. She asked it I had gotten the kit at her shop and when I said yes, she looked to see if she had any "shop thread" in that color. Well, she did!!!! So I went over after work and got enough (and a bit more) to get it finished!!! All for no charge. I think shop thread is stuff left over from when they stitch models and it sure worked out great for me! While there I did pick up a cute pair of scissors :) too!!

Coins Patriotic
A kit from Bent Creek (c) 2007
Using supplied fabric, buttons and threads.
It is on 8" Q-snaps to give you a size reference.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Stitching

Well I have been stitching a bit during the Olympics (lets face it I stitch a bit all the time) and chose some red, white and blue stuff.

Here is my progress with "Coins Patriotic" by Bent Creek (c) 2007. This was taken on August 6 and I meant to post sooner, so I am a bit farther along now, but you get the idea. I did run out of the border thread, WDW Swamp water, but hope to get it done by the end of the Olympics.

The next item is also a Bent Creek design. It is from the 2005 Zipper Series and is called "Stars" a zipper kit (c) 2005. I love these kits because it is on 18 count linen and done over two using perele cotton. They are fast and easy and nice designs. This one I have been carrying around in my purse since 2006 or 2007 to work on while I wait places, so it has taken a while to finish. I used to travel a lot and these bigger holes over two were GREAT on plane trips. I would do the out line of a single color area and could fill in while on the plane without need of the chart.

At any rate, I was working on it while having my car serviced and only had the two blue stars to finish so when I got home that is what I did. Now I need a new purse project though.

I do have one more Olympic stitching project, but it is a gift for my DH, so not sure I will post it yet, plus it is only partially finish-finished. I worked on it while he was in Texas for some training.

That is about all for now, but I leave you with a picture of cutie pie Maddie! I did the red eye correction on her and they came out white. Not sure which is worse! Note the nice close to the body left knee. Before her surgery it would splay out. She is doing quite well and Aug. 30 will be the 16 week post op mark when she can have her freedom back!