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Sunday, August 16, 2020

ANG's 2020 Stitch of the Month (SOTM)

 I started the American Needlepoint Guild's (ANG) 2020 Stitch of the Month (SOTM) a bit late, but I am catching up fast - the section I am working on is July. August finishes off the star and then we proceed to the back ground. It is on 12"x 12" stretcher bars. 

The original is in red and blue with a cream background. I LOVE that look, but did not have the stuff in my stash. So I found two watercolors (Mountain Meadow - it has green in it) and Apple Blossom (pinks and yellows) and went from there. I had most of the type of thread called for except a good silk lame, so I am using Splendor instead. I also only had one good Neon Rays plus and am using regular Neon Rays.

The star point at upper left (kind of 10 o'clock) which is mostly pink has a small error, I accidentally used the Mountain Meadow, so it now has some green. But I figured it out after I did the last stitch and I liked the look. So, it is staying in!

Also I had a devil of a time marking the canvas. This is side two, so when I put that diagonal line in the wrong place it has to stay since I have no more canvas!! It will be covered by background anyway, so I think I am good. I also noticed I missed on one star point, but it should get covered up with background and I think we are putting in a dividing line between the star points and the background. If so, that will help too!

I have been reading in the evenings and have not picked up the Marie Antoni Sampler, so no update.

That about covers it here from HOT Arizona. Take care all!!

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Vintage Log Cabin

I have been on more of a reading kick than stitching, but I did manage to finish an Embroiderer's Guild of America (EGA) cyber course during the time allotted. It is called Vintage Log Cabin and is designed by Terry Dryden. The finished piece is six (6) inches square. 

I did not use all of the suggested fibers. I liked the overdye used, so I purchased it along with the other Treenway silks used for the project and then I filled in from my stash.

It called for Treenway Silk Montano Harmony Eden Valley (the overdye), which show up best in the scotch stitches in the left and bottom areas third from the center.

Also used are Treenway Silk Zen Shin in Cedar Rose, Tuscan Gold and Winter Sage (the darker green). These show best in the left and bottom areas next to the center.

I used very little of the Tuscan gold, but it did help me coordinate the other yellows needed. I have quite a bit of #8 perle cotton and floss so filling in from my stash was not a problem. The original colors were a pinker.

It is stitched on French Blue 18 Count Mono Canvas.

It was lots of fun and I am happy to have taken the class!

Next on my needlepoint frame it the American Needlepoint Guild (ANG) 2020 Stitch of the month. I am using totally different colors since going to a shop is not so easy right now and I have a good stash!

I am still working on Marie Antoni Sampler, just not as often as before.

Happy Stitching!!