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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Stamped Tablecloth

I have been working on this tablecloth off and on for quite a while. It reminds me of my grandmother since she made us stamped pillow cases. She was a wonderful embroiderer and I am lucky to still have some of her work. She also sewed us cloths and made quilts, again I am lucky to have examples of it all.

It does bring me to a dilemma...I have no kids, so who to give it all to? Plus millennials do not really care about this stuff so much and I am not sure if my nieces would be interested in stuff made by someone they never met. I will ask them of course, but doubt they would be interested.

At any rate, God willing I have time to figure it out.

I am down to the last corner and I changed the flowers from pink to peach since peach is my favorite color.

It is a kit from Bucilla and the fabric is pretty thin, so I plan to sew a backing fabric on it and place it over my mom's sewing machine. It will keep the sewing machine (a 1940 something White in a wooden cabinet) clean until I can find someone to refinish it, and remind me of my mom and grandma at the same time!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Back to Stitching

I have been busy with paper crafting and my blog dedicated to it - along with a puppy who chews on just about everything!

For the past year I have pretty much only stitched during Club meetings, but started to do some small hand stitched items (bowling towels for our team and friends) with success = puppy dog ignored it. I made 8 total using various colored towels. This is the last one and this bowler left us before I could give him the towel, so I guess I will be doing the frog stitch on it.

So I decided to be brave and work on a needlepoint project on the frame. Dog has ignored that and let me stitch but she does like to lay down by my side and I must be careful where I put things down. I do put the entire project in a drawer when I am done - do not trust the dog THAT much!!!

This is Rose Bliss a project designed in 2006 by Kay Cline for the last Carolina ANG Chapter seminar.
My stitching buddy!

But I am making some progress stitching at home now and hopefully will be posting a bit more often with some progress.

I did purchase a new light for my work area that also has magnification. It is working well and I can put it off to the side to get enough light if I do not need the magnification. So far it does not cast a glare on the TV. It has a nice goose neck making if very adjustable and it swivels on the stand and the actual light/magnification head can be twisted too. It is a brightech Light View Floor lamp. I got it on Amazon and it has a 5 year warranty.

That about covers it for now!