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Monday, January 31, 2022

What's for Dinner?

Tonight, I decided to use my Pampered Chef Rockcrock Dutch oven to make Chili!

It was super easy. I first saluted some onions in the pot:

Then I pretty much followed the recipe on the package of Pampered Chef's Chili Mix. 
My personal touches were to use 2lbs of ground sirloin. Next time I may try the recommended 1lb, but I wanted leftovers - boy do I have leftovers!!!!! I chopped the beef up using one of my favorite tools, the Mix 'N Chop.

I also used two 15 oz cans of beans - one can of red kidney and one can of pinto, original recipe only called for one can.

It passed the hubby test. He asked when I would be away for lunch this week so he could have the leftovers!!

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That is all for now. For my next post, I plan to show you a couple stitched items, so please come back.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

New Cooking Gadget/Adventure

Hello, I recently became an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef. You can find my website on my ABOUT page. I wanted to share with you this fun new product. I think it is my new favorite!

Now, before you groan and wonder if this will turn into a cooking blog, NO, this will still be primarily a stitching site. I just might throw in a few fun cooking things once in a while. I just navigate and tell stories better via a blog than on facebook (I do have a separate FB page for my Pampered Chef business by the way). Also, the company does not want us to have a dedicated Pampered Chef blog, but they do allow mention of product in our lifestyle blogs. I guess no hard sales either. So, since I tend to be a boring rule follower, I did not create a separate blog, I will just use this blog.

Here goes:

My new favorite cooking tool is the Rapid-Prep Mandoline. I have (but not for long) a traditional mandolin and as you can see there are blades and lots of chances to get cut with this one. I always worried when they were in the dishwasher, fearing them getting grabbed the wrong way and gave alerts to my hubbie that sharp stuff was in there.

Now for some photos of the Pampered Chef Mandoline:

I did not pull the cover down all the way, but the blade is below that white part and behind the gray slider. There are dials on the back to let you set the cutting type and thickness. You never handle the blade. Big plus for me!!!

It fits nicely in one of my pull-out drawers in the kitchen, right where my other mandolin used to be! There are some good product information videos etc. on the Pampered Chef website if you want more information.

That is all for now, back to stitching!