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Saturday, August 28, 2010

10,000 visitor and Assisi embroidery update

As commenter Hillery noticed on my previous post I missed my 10,000th visitor not my 1,000th. My husband will tell you I am digitally challenged at times, but usually I add the extra zero not leave it out!

Here are two pictures of my final project for the GCC I am working on. The top is how far I had gotten by the end of the day on Aug. 26 and the next photo is the finished project. I worked on it this am during my EGA Saturday group meeting. Next I need to clean them up a bit, press them and send them off for the critique.  I used the design Marion gave us. I just did not have time to work one up for myself.

Also, on the 17th Blu asked how I was going to finish these. I am not sure. I may keep the thimbles with the instructions as a reference or make them into small pincushions or maybe sew them together and frame them or make a small wall hanging. Any ideas? They are not very big. I left the needle in the final piece for a size reference (top left corner). Also, if I recall I cut the fabric for the final piece approx. 6 inches square. The thimbles are smaller maybe 2.5" x2.5". I may frame the butterfly piece and put it in my studio - unless it clashes too much with the peach painted walls I have in there!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

RATS!!! As in oops.

I missed my 1,000 visitor - how could that happen? I was a few hundred away last I checked! The wireless on my laptop stopped working so I have not been online as much as I would like. Well, maybe I can do something in celebration after the fact! I will keep you posted and thanks all for stopping by!

Time to get back to stitching!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have you heard of Zibbet?

Zibbet is an online place to sell your art, crafts and supplies. No commission fees, all proceeds go to the seller. There is a monthly charge for a premium account, but if I can get 9 people to sign up for a premium account then my account will be free for life. The deadline for this,  is September 1, so I am making a one time last ditch effort here on my blog. I think the cost of a premium account may be going up to $9.95 soon too. Last check there were only 75 premium accounts left at the $9.00 rate. It is a nice place to shop too.

I sell my items there, and you can to! Check it out at:

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Assisi Embroidery Part 3

Here is part three of the Group Correspondence Course (GCC) I am taking called Assisi by Marion Scoular. Part three (green) is similar to part one (blue) but the filling for green is the N stitch rather than cross stitch. I give you the fronts and this time the backs too! Oh so brave. The backs are not perfect, but I think they are pretty good. The final part is an origianl design or the one Marion provided. Not sure what I will do yet, but I have some threads picked out in the red family.



Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Old North Church, Boston Needlepoint

Work took me to Boston, MA recently. I had very little free time, but did manage to make it to downtown and the Old North Church. Took some pictures of the needlepoint done by the ANG Massachusetts Chapter. I would like to have gotten closer, but it was Sunday and the youth of the church were hanging out, blocking the rail and making comments about the tourists! Kids these days. Here is what I was able to get. Enjoy!

Assisi Embroidery GCC Update

On the left is part one and on the right is part 2. There are 4 parts total, three thimbles with different stitches and an original design or one she gives us which is a bit larger and we need to use what we learned in parts 1 - 3 to stitch it. No numbering is provided! More details in a previous post.

The main difference between the two is the purple has angles for parts of the thimble, along with a design in the thimble top, and I used the light color to outline the filling cross stitches. On the blue you can see that I used dark blue for this part. I am working on part three and have the thimble done, but now doing a doodle cloth to figure out how to do the filling stitch - the N stitch - and have it be reversible. The filling, whether they are cross stitch, N stitch or even long armed cross, are a bit tricky in the areas that increase or decrease in size if you want the back to look correct. Part three is in greens and I hope to have a picture of is soon!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finally back to stitching! Assisi Embroidery GCC

I was away in Boston for 24 days for work. We were very busy working 10 - 12 hour days M-F, 8 hrs on Sat and one Sunday a few of us had to work 4 hours! A new team took over Thursday and my team arrived home on Friday. I was so tired at the end of the days I did not get any stitching done!  I was working on an EGA Group Correspondence Course (GCC) - Assisi by Marion Scoular. The deadline for submission was July 21, but when I explained to her my situation she graciously gave me an extension, and permission to post my progress on my blog. So here goes.

The course involves making three small pin cushions with thimble designs. I am doing them all on 28 count off white evenweave fabric and DMC floss - all from stash. The design size of each of the three pin cushions are 1.5" wide by 2.25" tall. Each thimble is stitched a bit different and the last design is a larger one we design, or we can use the one she provides. Here is the first thimble.

First I stitched the thimble outline in dark blue, then the other outlines. All outlines all done using running stitch. The last step was the light blue cross stitches. Assisi embroidery involves the background being stitched and the design motif is not stitched, but outlined. I was not aware of the outlined part until I took this course. It has been fun so far and I learned a cool tip to help keep the running stitch lines straight.