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Saturday, August 28, 2010

10,000 visitor and Assisi embroidery update

As commenter Hillery noticed on my previous post I missed my 10,000th visitor not my 1,000th. My husband will tell you I am digitally challenged at times, but usually I add the extra zero not leave it out!

Here are two pictures of my final project for the GCC I am working on. The top is how far I had gotten by the end of the day on Aug. 26 and the next photo is the finished project. I worked on it this am during my EGA Saturday group meeting. Next I need to clean them up a bit, press them and send them off for the critique.  I used the design Marion gave us. I just did not have time to work one up for myself.

Also, on the 17th Blu asked how I was going to finish these. I am not sure. I may keep the thimbles with the instructions as a reference or make them into small pincushions or maybe sew them together and frame them or make a small wall hanging. Any ideas? They are not very big. I left the needle in the final piece for a size reference (top left corner). Also, if I recall I cut the fabric for the final piece approx. 6 inches square. The thimbles are smaller maybe 2.5" x2.5". I may frame the butterfly piece and put it in my studio - unless it clashes too much with the peach painted walls I have in there!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Hazel said...

Wow! 10,000. Congrats. x

Hillery said...

Beautiful stitching. Would like to see how you finish this. No pressure. I'm not quick on the finishing part.

Lynn said...

Very pretty butterfly! I love the colour of this one. I'm anxious to see what finishing you choose.

Blu said...

Very pretty finish.
Maybe a small wall hanging? Or a bunch of tiny cubes?