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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rotation System Update and FINISHES (of a sort)

While organizing and cataloging my WIPs?UFOs I came up with a weekly rotation system to try to reduce some of this stash. The Rotation I chose was:
  1. Specialty/Beading
  2. Needlepoint
  3. XS/Embroidery
  4. New/gifts/stitcher's choice
I have since added a 5th category which is FINISHING. Well last week was the week for finishing, but I had a head cold that really made me tired and my thinking capacity was not working so well. I barely picked up a needle all week. So I decided to extend the finishing week into this week. Besides the Heart Perforated Paper Needlebook I posted about already (on Feb. 27), I also worked on all the accessories left from the cyberclass I took in 2000 through ANG with Carole Lake called Glitzy Accessories. I had finished the nametag and scissor fob years ago, and all the stitching for the others, but not the final steps. Well, this week (so far) I have gotten everything lined and sewn together (if applicable) and filled the frame weight (I really wanted to use lead shot, but hard to find, so settled for pennies). I am at the point of making the twisted cord and tassels for everything. I discovered I need one more skein of watercolors, though for the twisted cord and/or one more perle cotton - so they may not get done this week unless I can get to the shop soon.

Now on to the pictures!
 From left to right, needlebook, scissor case, laying tool case, scissor fob and frame weight.

 A closer look (from left to right) of scissor fob, scissor case and frame weight. Note scissor fob has the cording and tassel. It is kind of big for a scissor fob (at least to me) so I have been hanging it from the knob of our china cabinet all this time. I used the two colors (a light blue and light green) of perle cotton for this cord. I made watercolor cord for the laying tool case last night and will soon have a twisted cord nail placed in my studio  so I can make more cord. I am putting it in behind the door so it will not show - but I could hang a picture on it too - but it for security I wanted it on a stud, so of course it is not center. My hubby did not like the nail I chose and decided a hook would be better. He is going to get me one tonight and put it in the stud. I can still hang something over it to cover the hook if I want too, but it will be hidden by the door. I chose this wall for it since it is behind a door and I can get 10 - 12 feet away which would make some really long twisted cord!!

 A closer look (from left to right) of  laying tool case case and needlebook.

Happy Leap Day Everyone!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pretty Perforated Paper Needlebook

The February project for Sampler Guild of the Rockies was this cute little (well maybe about 4 inches "square") needlebook using perforated paper, floss, perle cotton and wool felt. I finished it and thought I'd share with you all.

So here you have the front....
.....the back......
.....and the inside.
It was designed my our talented member Janice and was a lot of fun to make!!
Have a great week!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little Finish - Quaker Strawberry

I have had a cold since last Saturday and it has really hit me hard. Been very tired and did not even want to stitch or do anything that required thinking! So for my rotation schedule this week the topic was finishing. But finishing involves careful thinking, so I have not gotten far with that WIP reduction topic.

I slept VERY well last night and feel 95% better, so I may attempt some tougher finishing projects this weekend - we will see. In the meantime I did start to feel up to doing some stitching on Wednesday and chose a small project from the Sampler Guild of the Rockies June 2010 Retreat. Which my blog post on this great event was on my old blog that I lost, so sorry, no reference back to it. The theme was Strawberries and Creme. Here is one little project called Quaker Strawberry (designer unknown) which I did not finish the way they suggested, but did my own thing (required less thinking) and I like it bunches!!

Have a nice weekend!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TUSAL Feb. 2012

Not too many orts this time around, but I did work on couple of things. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about TUSAL and orts check out this blog post for more information:

Next time I will try an put a quarter or something in the photo to give you an idea of the size.

An yet another give-away and this one involves CHOCOLATE!

Check out Autum's chocolate give away here. You should know that unfortunately due to the weight of the giveaway items she can only ship to someone in the United States. But check out her nice blog anyway, I love her rose painted fence and bunny. I think she is ready for spring!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great Giveaway at a fellow Blogger's Site

A great scissors give away is underway here at Feathers In The Nest. Ends midnight March 5. Details can be found on her blog. Good luck, but I hope I win!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Too Busy to Post or Stitch This Week

This week has been a very busy and long. I was in some training and the days got VERY long. I know I was in trouble when I woke up Wednesday and if felt like Friday!! Well that is now all done and I can relax just a bit, but still have a lot of catch up to take care of! Good thing I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday - I need the time off!

I hope to have a stitching related post here soon and be able to get back to reading all your blogs too.
I love the Blue Bear at the Denver Convention Center and almost purchased a little statue of him while I was there this week, but decided not to...this time anyway.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

I made these cards for family and a couple of friends. The one that had to go the farthest arrived, so I think I can safely show you the collection. They were a lot of fun to make and so far everyone has enjoyed getting them!

I cut heart shapes from felt and attached buttons and/or beads etc. to them as the fancy struck me. That is how I attached the small heart to the bigger one. I then used glue dots to attach it to the card. I mailed them with a piece of comic book board over the heart to help protect it in the mailing. I think my favorite one is the pink on pink at the top left. It went to my mother in law since I know she likes pink. I sent the red and pink to my friend who likes red and the other purples went to folks who liked purple and some who I didn't know what color they would like, so they got purple.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Post about the Lace Study Center to check out

Over at Sharon b's blog she has posted a very nice bit of information about the Lace Study Center at the Powerhouse Museum. She just provided yet another reason to visit Australia (as if I needed one)!

Also I updated my post from yesterday to include the designer information on the bead project we did at guild meeting in case any of you are interested.

Monday, February 6, 2012

UPDATED: February 2012 Foothills Beading Project - UPDATE in bold red below

Today at our Foothills EGA Chapter meeting we did a beading project which was fun and fast. Quite a few of us finished it before lunch. Kits included about 4 color choices and I chose purple. It is a beaded Sun Catcher and here is my work!
It is a freebie designed by Deborah Roberti of She has a lot of very nice beading projects free and othewise. Her instructions were fantastic.

 I really liked this project and may make a few more sometime. It can be used as a scissor fob, necklace or as a sun catcher. I am not sure I have the 8 mm bicones in my stash, but I know I have the other materials.

Happy Beading!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rotation Sunday

Sunday is the day I change rotation projects. Last Sunday I started a needlepoint project which happened to be my oldest UFO/WP and I stitched on it a few nights this past week and this is as far as I have gotten. So it remains my oldest WIP.

My rotation project for this next week is an embroidery project and the one I chose is called Victorian Journal by Catherine Jordan. It is from the class I took last August at the Rocky Mountain Region EGA Seminar. I believe it is my youngest WIP. I do not think I have added much to it since class and this is how it looks now.

For this project we started out my tracing a design on the fabric then painting it. Next we stitch designs to make the colored areas to look like fabric and stitch embroidery on the borders to end up with a piece of fabric that looks like a crazy quilt. When completed it will fit around a small journal - hence the class title. I can't wait to get working on it again!!!
Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What does 17 inches of snow look like??


 Yesterday at this time it was half as tall.

 All good winter scenes have a snow nose picture. Miss Maddie is not a huge fan of the snow and with her bad knee we have not encouraged any rigorous play.

Maddie rescues (stuffed) duck!
Silly girl took her stuffed duck out. She does not like it, however when it is covered with snow. She will shake it all off if I can convince here to even pick it up. I sent her out to get it and got this shot as she was running back.

Soon the sun will be out and temps above freezing and it will all be gone - hopefully before the next round. We broke the Feb 3, 1932 record for most snow which was 9.5 inches. Yesterday's total at DIA was 12.5" In an average February we get 5.7 inches and this storm has given us 15 inches (again at DIA the official weather station for Denver). We live closer to the foothills and often get more snow than the airport which is basically out in the plains (no pun intended). Starting tomorrow we will be above freezing and mostly sunny for a number of days so it will not be around long - especially the main roads. But for now I will be inside by the fireplace stitching and drinking hot coffee!

Have a great day y'all!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Wonderland Here

We have snow!!! I think the pictures are worth a thousand words. We have from 8 - 11 inches depending on where you measure. Forecasted to keep snowing until this evening. Pictures taken around 7 am today.

Poor Miss Maddie was chest deep (around 10 inches) and tinkled in the snow - literally!