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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monday Quote

" Useful and ornamental needlework, knitting, and netting are capable of being made, not only sources of personal gratification, but of high moral benefit, and the means of developing in surpassing loveliness and grace, some of the highest and noblest feelings of the soul."
--The Ladies' Work Table Book, 1845

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sampler Needlebook Finish Finish

In April the Sampler Guild of the Rockies had their workshop. Ellen Chester of With My Needle taught us three classes (information can be found here). I only took two classes Long May She Wave which I showed you the finish finish of here, and mentioned the other class I took – A Sampler Needlebook.

 Well I finish finished the Needlebook. It was designed especially for our Guild’s 20th Anniversary. It is very pretty and was fun to make. Ellen’s instructions are very good, including the finishing instructions. She was a wonderful teacher and I would recommend a class from her if you have the chance. 

It is made with a double hinge so you can open it from the left or from the right. I am calling the Needles the front and the sampler the back.

Here it is opened from the right followed by a photo of it opened from the left.

It’s magic how the needle page switches sides!! A very cool Jacob ’s ladder configuration. In class we made a mock up of it to help us practice and get ready for the stitched pieces. Good thing because I don’t want all that handling of my stitching! I let folks see the stitching and then play with my mock up!

The photos of the stitched pieces have been reduced in size at the request of the designer in an attempt to prevent copy right infringement. So I am respecting her request - too bad she has to ask us to do that.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Retreat Finish Finish!!

I last told you about the June Sampler Guild ofthe Rockies retreat on this blog post. I finished one of the projects, the Sewing Tray and here it is. The “tray” is a Sudberry House wooden coaster and the design is by Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers. It was very fun to do. The upper left corner is for my initials, but 2 M’s would not fit, so there is only 1. I wanted the year in it too, so I put 2013 in the base of the birdcage

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fortune Cookie Friday Continues!!

Poll results indicate that folks would like the Fortune Cookie Friday to here goes!!

"Never laugh at anyone's dream."
Some interesting information about fortune cookies sent to me by
Pamela who has a GREAT blog Hokkaido Kudasai

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fortune Cookie Friday -Yes or No?

I have been doing this Fortune Cookie Friday for a while now. Are you bored of it and I should stop, or do you want me to continue???

Please leave a comment with your preference and next Thursday (July 11) I will tally the poll and make a decision - there could be a surprise related to this, I am not sure yet. Thanks.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Today is independence day here in the United States. On July 4, 1776, we declared our independence from England. In honor of this day I will post some of my Red, White and Blue stitching.

Have a GREAT day, and if you are grilling out today, don't burn the burgers!!!