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Monday, May 30, 2022

More Beading

I seem to be in a beading mood. Yesterday I was going through by bead cupboard and found a 12" square box with bead kits I have purchased over the years. Quite a few years. I decided to try and whittle the box down a bit and worked on this bracelet called "Hugs and Kisses" by Debby Rea Taylor and Amy Loh-Kupser. You can find it here on the website. Scroll down and look for Hugs and Kisses; the sample shown is in blue and gold. I bought this at a show and was able to get a kit with the beads. It was very easy to put together. I used the extra crystals and made earrings - there are no instructions for this, I just made them up using the basic steps for the bracelet.

It uses 6mm fire polish crystals and size 11 seed beads. Instructions include making the closures. One end (left in photo) is a kind of button made with crystals and the other end is the loop to go over the button. 

Now to go back to the box and see what else I can make! 

Saturday, May 28, 2022

In a Beading State of Mind

Last Saturday and today I took beading classes from my Don’t Worry Bead Happy Club here in my community. The first class was a combo peyote brick stitch flower bracelet and is on the bottom in this photo.

Today I made this Pretty Posies bracelet show on the top in the photo.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Now a little Paper Crafting

Here are a few things I finished lately in the paper crafts category, but on also kind of slips over into stitching too!

First, I made this kimono using the Spellbinders Kimono die (S3-393). I used black, red and gold cardstock. I filled in the flowers on the red part of the kimono with a black sharpie rather than deal with all those tiny centers.

Next, I took a paper mache tissue box and painted it a cream color. I then put some of my smaller stitched pieces on my copy/printer and used them to decorate the top and sides!

It was lots of fun, and it sits on my work area for me to look at the pretty stitching!

Have a great day!!

Monday, May 16, 2022


I made this cute little pillow for my Easter display. 

It is a free chart from DMC! I used slightly different colors.


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Elements by Carolyn Mitchell

I told you a bit about this in this catch-up post from September 15, 2021. I have worked on it here and there since and finally finished it! I am not sure I will be brave enough to finish it as a tray, but I put the snaps in the corners just in case. There are so many long thread stitches, I am afraid to use it and catch them!

The colorway I chose was Fire and you can see it is well named!

It was an ANG Cybercourse that I was happy to take since in person classes were still not very common then. 

That about covers it for now!