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Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentines For Veterans

I am making Valentines for Veterans. For the 12th year, my local radio station is collecting Valentine's Day cards for Veterans receiving care at the VA Hospital or the States Veterans Nursing Home. In many cases this is the only card they will receive.

Here is a collection of cards I made and will be dropping off at a participating location or maybe the radio station itself. Deadline is February 10th, so I am a tad ahead of the game (for once)!!!!

That about covers it for today!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Following My Own Advice

A fellow blogger, who has not blogged for a long time, was concerned about starting up again. She felt funny about being absent for so long and just starting up again. I said stitchers in blog land are a nice bunch and very forgiving. I told her to just go for it!!

So here I am taking my own advice!! I will not attempt to fill you in on the void, other to say etsy, ebay and facebook have taken up my computer time. I have also not done a lot of stitching, mostly paper crafting stuff.

But will give you a taste a few things.

For Christmas I made this Shepherd's Bush design that they show used as a door hanging with greenery in it, but I followed my local needlework store's (Fanci-Mats and More) example and made it into a toy sack! I used buttons and charms from my stash, not as pictured by Shepherds' Bush. I think it came out very cute!!

I also made this little gingerbread man by tracing a cookie cutter and then going from there.

I live in Colorado (duh) and have become a Broncos Fan. So the last few days I have been busy making Bronco colored bracelets. Even sold a few!

I also made Miss Maddie her own Bronco kerchief and bought her a stuffed football dog toy. She mostly sleeps during the game though  - unless we get too vocal and then she leaves the room!
I think that about covers it for now, I hope to be a better blogger in 2014!!!