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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Beaded Bermuda Reef


Last Friday and Saturday I was so thrilled to attend an IN-PERSON workshop given by my local ANG Chapter, Saguaro Stitchers. Kathy Rees of Needle Delights Originals taught her Beaded Bermuda Reef. It was a very fun project and not too big. We used 8" x 16" stretcher bars. It is full of lots of fun thread colors, stitches and textures.

Here is the teacher's piece:

I enjoyed it so much that I kept working on it and it is finished! Now to find a good framer. 

The following photos show progress as the class went on and I as I stitched at home. 

First steps. It is so fun to be in class with other people and the teacher!

Notice the zig zag pattern close up below. The top one has been outlined, the bottom has not. What a difference it makes!!

All the stitching is done, now to add the beads!

We made the beaded fringe in class. Below is my progress to see if it is long enough.

Here is a close up of the beginning of the beaded fringe. Cool how it looks so much like coral!!

Here is my finished piece. WOO HOO!!

This workshop attracted me because of the colors and the beading in the middle. It did not disappoint, and the teacher/designer was wonderful as well! I would definitely take a class from her again.

I have some virtual classes to catch up on and I am taking classes at the ANG Seminar this summer in Tucson. It is the 50th Anniversary of the Guild and I can't wait!!

Happy Stitching!!