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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Stitching

I have been having computer problems and so not posting much. But have it a tad figured out, so hope to post more often.

For my birthday this month, I took the day off and had lunch with a friend. An annual tradition I started a few years back. This year not as many friends could make it, but I had a wonderful time chatting with Gloria, by stitching friend who could make it. I think I need to send my invite sooner next year.

At any rate, after lunch I ALWAYS visit my LNS since they have a birthday discount. Anytime is a great time to go to Fanci Mats and More, but birthday is a must.

I bought this cute chart - September Rooster by Nikyscreations (c). Part of the Monthly Animal Series. Not sure of the year. It was perfect since I collect roosters and Sept. is my birth month!! I stitched from stash, so the beak, legs, and flower color had to be changed. The color suggested was too light a color for my stash fabric. I chose a darker version of the color family. The rooster color was too close to the fabric, but since it was surrounded by darker floss it did not matter. I added my initials and date and finished it a couple nights ago. Woo hoo same month finish!

I also have been working on this cute Halloween piece for my mother in law. She loves candy corn and does not have a computer, so I am safe showing it here. I did not stitch it exactly as charted. The section on the top also goes along the bottom, but I wanted to get finished in time to send off in the mail so she can show it off during October. YIPES, that is TOMORROW!

I used fabric from my stash, so it is not quite the color or size suggested by the designer, but the floss colors are the same. It is called Death By Candy Corn by The Scarlett House (c)2011.

So.... I decided to sew a strip of fabric below the stitching, but can't decide which one to use, so I am asking you.