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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

With My Needle Finish Finish! Lots of Photos.

I showed you the finished stitching on my blog post of  April 10, 2020.

I finish finished the box and the smalls for the inside!

Top photo is the fronts of the smalls followed by the backsides. The blue bird was supposed to be one side of a scissor fob, but I felt it was a tad big, so I turned it into a pin cushion. I used a nickel on the inside of the scissor fob to give it some weight.

This is shows the inside of the needle book

Here is the inside bottom and the top mounted on comic book board waiting to be placed on or in the box. 

This is the top mounted on the box, followed by photos of the smalls and the inside of the box.

I decided the top needed a cover too so here it is.

With the current situation I had to use paint from my stash. I originally painted the box red, but it was not right with the red in the fabric or the stitching - Dang.  So I used a crackle medium on the red and painted over it with a sand color to give it an aged look. 

I think that covers it for now!! 
Take care all and keep on stitching!!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Another Finish and New (Old) Project

This is also a sampler project from Sampler Guild of the Rockies. I think I told you a little about it on March 21st.  *****I have a correction to that post. Threads used were Weeks Dye Works Lancaster Red and The Gentle Arts Sampler Threads Dried Thyme and Deep Sea.*****

I finished the stitching for the box top (top part of the fabric), the needle book (middle section) and the scissor fob (bottom section). Now to actually make them into their indented items!! Stand, or sit, by for that.

I have moved on to this (UFO) -17th Century Cross Stitch by Nan Tyson Euler:

It is from the EGA National Seminar in Hilton Head, SC (2002). My first EGA seminar. I loved the sampler, but did not like the marking cross used, so set it aside. I picked it up at some point and did regular cross stitch on the top band, did about half and set it down again.

I picked it up last week and finished the cross stitch section. I then decided I should to the thin green dividing band in marking cross to see why I did not like it and maybe after over 17 years and more experience I would like the stitch.   I DO NOT. But I thought it best if the dividing lines between the top bands matched so I carried on and finished the next green dividing line.

The marking cross is worked totally opposite of how I do regular cross stitch. It is worked from the top and the leg of the X on top is not the same as when I do cross stitch. So I was not easy for me to pick it up and develop a good feel stitching it. I think if I could have worked it starting at the bottom going bottom left to top right, I could have gotten a good stitching motion. But I did not, and I did not want to switch since then my marking crosses would not be the same and that is a big no no.

Marking Cross is not the only stitch used and so I have been working each band using the suggested stitch, except I use regular cross stitch in place of Marking Cross. So it is not exactly as designed, but I was not going to have it sit in the cupboard because of one stitch!

It is on 32 count Edinburgh cream linen. The finished sampler is 5" x 9". Threads are all silk, mostly Au ver a soie 100/3 and some Pearsall's silk. I am not a big fan of either silk, but glad I got to experience using them and know for future reference!

That is all for now!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Sampler Finished!

Well I finished the 1837 Crown Sampler by Plum Street Samplers! The design is approximately 16"x 13". I used DMC floss throughout and it is on 32 count linen. It was the 2014 Sampler Guild of the Rockies Year Long Project.

It is a reproduction sampler, so it includes mistakes made by the original stitcher and a few of my own. You get to figure out which are which!!

It is always a question when doing these is if you should use the original stitchers initials or name and date? I decided to do it as charted and added my initials and date below the original border. I especially wanted to do this since I finished it the same month as the original.

Happy Stitching!