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Monday, April 25, 2011

Making Progress

This weekend was spent making room in the closet for the California Closet fellow to evaluate my current situation and make room for the workers when they come to install the system. The good news is that we will be able to use the system I had at my old house without any cutting or refitting. He is going to recheck measurements, because of the window on the back wall only the corner shelf and one cabinet will fit. The other three cabinets will fit on the side wall (which is the unseen wall at left of the picture).

I tried to stand in the same place I did for the previous post picture so you can see the progress. I think I did pretty good, you can still see the leaning surface pieces at the lower left of the photo (a bit less in this picture though).  I filled the bookshelves, which are now behind boxes. I think this will be enough room to put the system back up, but I am having them create a matching desk (it will be freestanding) and I think there may be a chair, box and a few plastic drawers in the way! This week the Closet fellow will call me with an estimate and possible install dates. Then the real organization work will start!!

I think that covers it for now, but I just noticed if you can enlarge the photo, you will see the baseboard on the back wall. It is still pink, just one of the colors of the walls. This room had two pink and two yellow walls - including baseboard. We plan to change all the upstairs baseboards to light wood. Also at the top middle, followers of this blog may notice the stuffed duck dog toy. After only three weeks, the brand new one sprung a leak at the neck!! We had the other duck over a year before it ripped a seam. But now I think I can get to my needles and thread to make repairs. I may have to buy duck from a different place next time.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Unpacking and My Studio

Things are going well at Colorado Stitcher's home base, but a little slowly sometimes. Darn day job gets in the way, but helps support the stash, so can't complain too much! The living room is about done and so is the family room and kitchen. Each needs something to finish up (a pantry for the kitchen would be nice, for example). I tackled the guest room the other night (since we will have some overnight guests May 1 I thought I'd better start it to get it done in time. It was not as bad as I thought it might be, but then there could be a stray box in the studio that should really be in the guest room. Either way the room is ready for guests even if not in it's final state.

This leaves the studio....

This was taken looking in from the doorway. The unseen area to the left is a wall I plan to have my California Closet office system put on (it will need some modifying I am sure and I may add a desk section since the desk that was in there at the other house will not fit in the room). The California Closet guy comes tomorrow afternoon and I hope he can get some stuff in since it will help unpacking, but I should probably try and make him some working room! So you can guess what I will be up to this evening and tomorrow morning!!

The wall to the right that is not shown is the bedroom double sliding door closet (I may convert these to accordion style for better access). Under the window and at the right I was able to snug in a dresser and on the wall the window wall joins to, I have four bookshelves - yes 4. Two can barely be seen behind the boxes and one of them has glass doors. Three are a matching set, two without doors and the one with. The fourth bookshelf was in the guest room at the old house (with my craft books) and I am glad they fit in the studio -especially since there is NO room for anything but the queen bed, dresser and two night stands in the guest room. Very cozy in there, but not tight. We will see what our guest think May 1. :)

Well, my lunch break is about over, so I best get back to work.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Irish Soda Bread

A delayed post, I made this for Saint Patrick's Day using a great recipe and tutorial from The Bakeoff Flunkie Her post includes the recipe and a GREAT video. It turned out quite yummy. Easy to make and I should try and make some soon to test out our new oven.

Hungry yet????

Friday, April 15, 2011

Maddie and the Move

Sorry I do not have much to post since I have been unpacking box after box after box and trying to find space for things. I never plan to move again!!!!!!!!!!

But Sally asked about the "duck situation" in a comment on my last post, so I thought I'd share with everyone. As some of you may know Miss Maddie is a rescued dog and I was not sure how she would handle the disruption. Well she is doing GREAT, but we have moved her food and water bowl three times and last night she was a tad confused when the dinner bell rang (we have a bird call clock and at 5:00 the Canada goose calls and Maddie knows it is time to eat - we put the batteries back in last night).

I bought her a new duck toy for the new house and the first week she carried it around a lot, took it outside and when it was time to come in she would run back in the yard to make sure duck made it back in the house. Well the honeymoon is over, she left it out the other night and the next day it was snowed on. She is finding all sorts of places to sleep in the new house - including the path I need to unpack boxes at any particular moment!

I hope to have pictures and stitching news soon. Maybe I will take a picture of my studio (aka the land of boxes) to give you an idea on my starting point in there! A scary sight, but the walls are painted a pretty pale peach!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am back and TUSAL April 2011

As you may know from prior posts we recently moved from Aurora to Littleton Colorado. The April new moon was spent watching our household goods move in and the next few days were nuts (and still are), but we finally have TV, internet and phone. So my TUSAL for April is a day or so late.

Now my next problem for the TUSAL is that my ort jar has not yet emerged from the unpacking. I know where it is, but it is boxed in - literally. I do not think it had any new orts anyway, since March was mostly spent on move prep.

I hope this post still qualifies for the TUSAL all year!

More posts when we get settled in a bit more, but I can report that my stitching spot has been secured!