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Friday, April 22, 2011

Unpacking and My Studio

Things are going well at Colorado Stitcher's home base, but a little slowly sometimes. Darn day job gets in the way, but helps support the stash, so can't complain too much! The living room is about done and so is the family room and kitchen. Each needs something to finish up (a pantry for the kitchen would be nice, for example). I tackled the guest room the other night (since we will have some overnight guests May 1 I thought I'd better start it to get it done in time. It was not as bad as I thought it might be, but then there could be a stray box in the studio that should really be in the guest room. Either way the room is ready for guests even if not in it's final state.

This leaves the studio....

This was taken looking in from the doorway. The unseen area to the left is a wall I plan to have my California Closet office system put on (it will need some modifying I am sure and I may add a desk section since the desk that was in there at the other house will not fit in the room). The California Closet guy comes tomorrow afternoon and I hope he can get some stuff in since it will help unpacking, but I should probably try and make him some working room! So you can guess what I will be up to this evening and tomorrow morning!!

The wall to the right that is not shown is the bedroom double sliding door closet (I may convert these to accordion style for better access). Under the window and at the right I was able to snug in a dresser and on the wall the window wall joins to, I have four bookshelves - yes 4. Two can barely be seen behind the boxes and one of them has glass doors. Three are a matching set, two without doors and the one with. The fourth bookshelf was in the guest room at the old house (with my craft books) and I am glad they fit in the studio -especially since there is NO room for anything but the queen bed, dresser and two night stands in the guest room. Very cozy in there, but not tight. We will see what our guest think May 1. :)

Well, my lunch break is about over, so I best get back to work.


Deb said...

Your studio is going to be wonderful when you have everything is it's proper place. I think it took me four years after I moved in to get mine set up...and I'm still working on it. But then I have a habit of picking through things as I go along and get distracted.

Nancy said...

Your studio will be the perfect work space when it is complete!

The Thread Gatherer said...

Love the color you've chosen for your walls! What a lucky dog to have found you and lucky you to have found such a beautiful dog!

The Thread Gatherer said...

Beautiful color - peach!! What a beautiful dog also - so happy you found each other.

Babs in Alabama said...

Exactly what Deb said, lol. My room is an ongoing work in progress and I never get it quite done or if I do, that's when I need to find something :)