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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sampler Guild of the Rockies Christmas Tea 2010

Today I will tell you about the door prizes and great make-it take its I got at the Guild's tea this past Sunday. I was one of the lucky ones that got a door prize and here it is. A Periwinkle Promises Snow Days Celebration Kit.

This bag held the three make it and take it kits we all received.

The first thing we made and left with a finished project ready to go! I put it on my Christmas tree when I got home. Inside the starry bag were a readymade tassel and two charms. We chose which one to attach to the tassle. So simple and so pretty too!
Our next project was just as cute, but took a little more work to come out just right.
Our kit included the painted box, fabric, charm and some labels to choose the wording and color to put on the side of the box (see next picture). The fabric had already been machine stitched into a circle. We turned it inside out, stuffed it and closed the seam. We then used perle cotton to divide it into fourths (and attempt to hide the fact that I did not quite get the seam closed right and my circle had a bite out of it! I also took some sewing thread and sewed the points down in a place they would not show.

The next step was to sew the button on through the box top (holes had been drilled in the top if we wanted to put the pin cushion on top - the other option was to put it inside the box). You see which option I chose. The final touch was to stitch on the pear charm.

The third make and take was not exactly a make and take. It is a project we will take home to make and the instructions will be posted on the member only section of the website if members are registered. A sneaky way to get everyone to register if you ask me! Great idea too, I think.

This kit had a small black button, linen and a measuring tape. I will know how to put it all together when the instructions are posted around Dec. 20. But somehow we will make a cover/closure for the measuring tape. Just something else to post about at a later date!!


Christine said...

Great projects! Congratulations on your door prize

Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

What cute ideas! May have to borrow the idea for this for our EGA chapter. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to finding out what the third kit makes into.