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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


You know those people who roam the neighborhoods leaving advertisements for carpet cleaning or repairs or lawn care on your door? We got one the other day for a company that finishes basements. All well and good, except we have a for sale sign on our front lawn with a sign that says "FINISHED BASEMENT


Unknown said...

LOL... maybe they can't read! :)

Kttycat said...


Susan said...

That is funny! Keep in mind, lots of them don't speak or read English. Thus, the flyer on your door. lol

Jessica said...

lol I believe it. Our first year in Co and some guy knocks on our door about chimney services. I said we don't have a fireplace... he didn't bother to look at the house to see if we had a chimney. Some people are just not observant!

Debby said...

Send a picture to the politicians - maybe they'll finally get it that cutting education spending is NOT a good idea!!!