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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Sampler Guild Retreat Stitching

I finish finished Pink Flower. I made it into a pillow using the fabric provided and added pearl beads around the edge with little loops at each corner. Kind of cute but kind of a pain in the you know what too.

Then I finish finished La-D-Da Rose Free-bee (sorry I can’t find an on-line source for this one).   I added my initials and date on my own. There was no suggestion for it.
I did not use the fabric provided with the kit and shown below.

I decided to use a scrap of fabric I had with pink roses on it. I will save the cute sampler like fabric for something else. I had the cording left over from another project. It barely made it around, but I thought the color was perfect, so I gave it a go.

These were two of the three flower kits in the flower pot center piece at the retreat I went to. I posted about the other one on my retreat post (it is at the bottom).  

I seem to be on a roll when it comes to the retreat projects. I am almost done with the one that came in this bag.

So far these projects have been fun and I think for my August table display I will stay with summer and use some of these flower finishes on the table. I think I found a nice clear bowl I can use to put them in. You will just have to wait to see how it comes out.

I hope it is not too hot in your neck of the woods, a little toasty here.


Christine said...

Beautiful finishes

Deb said...

All wonderful projects. I like the fabric that you subbed out for the back of the Rose piece.

And it's toasty here too - 99 degrees last Saturday and just slightly cooler now.