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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do as I Say, Not as I (don’t) do

Here in the states when we change from or to Day Light Savings time it is suggested we also change the batteries in our smoke detectors. I even reminded my blog readers on my blog. But did I do it???? NOOOO!
So last night at 3:50 am, I am sound asleep and hear this beep and a female voice that says “low battery.” Having been sound asleep, and hubby still sound asleep, I wonder if I dreamed it? So I lay awake for a bit, but finally fall back asleep. Then at 4:20 am I hear a beep and the female voice saying “low battery.” This time hubby wakes up too, and of course if we are up so is the dog.
I go downstairs for a 9 volt battery. No battery, so I go upstairs and take one out of the clock radio in the guest room, hoping it has enough oomph to make the alarm happy until I can get a new battery. We screw the alarm off the ceiling and peer into the battery slot and see three AA batteries. So, down the stairs I go for the correct batteries.  Batteries replaced, alarm screwed back on the holder, step stool put away and the dog calmed. She was shaking and right at the bottom of the step stool! She HATES the low battery beep. At the other house she hid under the bed for the entire night once.
By this time it is approximately 4:30 am. Hubby can’t go back to sleep and decides to go to work early. I lay there for about half an hour and finally fall asleep only to be woken by the alarm a half our later at 5:30. I see lots of coffee in my future today!
Because all good blog posts should have a picture, here is Miss Maddie in her Christmas finery, sent by my friend Sandra who lives in NY State.
zzzzzzzzzzz - she does that so well!


Parsley said...

Why does it seem that the 'beep' happens in the middle of the night! Oh well. Take a nap like Maddie and all will be well. ;-)

Deb said...

That's happened to us too and I just tell my husband it's his fault because he hasn't changed the batteries when he's suppose to. I hope you get caught up on your sleep tonight!

ColoradoCowgirl said...

Hope you have caught up on your sleep and have no more rude awakenings.