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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some Finish Finishes

I finish finished a couple of things the past week or so and thought I would share them with you.

First is a small (approx. 12" x 18") wall hanging that I started in 1999 to match my larger sampler quilt I made in late 1998 which hung in the same room (in that particular house). There was a wall opposite that just said make me a matching quilt for here. Well I started to, and then we moved. It has been a WIP (work in progress) all this time!

Sampler Quilt completed in November 1998.

Below is the small crazy quilt wall hanging pictured sideways. The top is at right. It was easier to photograph that way.
Below is the top half (properly oriented). It has two areas with some tatting I made. The upper right curved corner is one of the areas with a bigger amount of tatting. At lower almost center is a single tatted circle.
Below is the bottom half, it has some tatting too (lower left) and spider web with spider. The strip of fabric on the left is the fabric I used to back this little quilt. Not sure I am the most creative crazy quilter, but it was fun and glad to have it done. I was even able to hang it in same area as the sampler quilt in our current house - bonus!!!

Then I decided out MBR should have a red white and blue theme, since the comforter in there is off white and curtains will be a dark red. Well I stitched this fun crewel piece from Mac-A-Doodles - Old Glory (MAC116) and ordered the frame from them. It was a fun stitch and I would do more from this company. The frame came yesterday and it was VERY easy to put in, following their instructions.

The stitched area is approximately 3"x 9"

To put into the frame you place the frame front side up onto cardboard (I used thick acid free/lignin free mat board) and trace the frame opening onto the board and cut out. Make two.  You then center the stitched piece on the mat board and press into the frame. Pull gently on stitching if needed to center, fold the fabric to the back and press the second piece of mat board into the frame. If the board is the right size and tight enough nothing else is needed to secure it.

That is about all for now. 

Happy Stitching!!


Pamela said...

Nice to see your finishes.

Blu said...

Lovely finishes! The crewel piece looks amazing.