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Monday, January 19, 2015

Blackwork Band Sampler Finish

My Foothills EGA Chapter started this Petite Project for our January and March meetings. I really ran with it and finished it last night (started it Thursday). It is a little under 3 inches wide and just under 9 inches long using 28 count linen. So not a big project which is GREAT sometimes.

I wanted to work from stash and the only #12 perle I had that would show up on the white fabric was black. Which is ok and the traditional colors, but when I found out I could use DMC Broder 16, I found some more inspiring choices in my stash (blue #820 & red #312). Woo hoo, I love when that happens!

I give you my version of the EGA Petite Project, Blackwork Band Sampler designed by Julie Fera. The availability of Petite Projects is just one of the benefits of being an Embroiderers Guild of America, Inc.(EGA) member. In this case, this project was a gift from the Chapter to it's members, usually they cost $3.00 (at least last time I checked) but are generally well worth it! Also many can be saved as a .pdf file at no cost. BUT, Petite Projects are a member only benefit.

Here is the front.

Black work is done using a double running stitch such that the back (below) looks like the front. In this case the only exception are the letters (and any goofs on my part). I think I did pretty good with the reverse, if I may say so!! Generally I do not worry or bother about it being reversible if the back will not show and it does not affect the front, but his time I did it all in double running stitch! It was good practice.

It was a VERY fun project. I worked from the top using the master chart and found a few small errors, the only one I did not notice in time was that the instructions say 5 threads between bands 1 & 2, but there was only 4 on the master. I just left it that way and made sure I did the same for the last two bands (also 4 on the master, but 5 on the instructions). Since it looks fine, I am not going to worry about it!! Now I just need to decide how to finish finish it, but I have a few ideas.

Happy Stitching All!!!


Pamela said...

Very nice! The band in the center above your initials looks like the Japanese stitching technique, Kogin.

Sun City Stitcher said...

The strip above the initials is Pattern Darning. Could be that particular design is Kogin like.