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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Bees and Baseball

This happened last week, so you may have heard about it, but I am entering it here in my blog for posterity!! Ha Ha.

I enjoy baseball having grown up with the Dodgers during the Garvy, Lopes, Russell, Cey era and I lived in places (NE, IA and NC) for 10 years that did not have professional teams. Although when we lived in NC we were close to the double A Carolina Mudcats and those games were fun. When we moved to Colorado I was thrilled (all the major sports teams were in Denver) and then with the move to Arizona I became a Diamond Backs (D-Backs) fan so I could watch my team all the time.

I also enjoy stitching while watching games. I sure wish they would bring back stitch-n-pitch.

Well on April 30, I was all set to watch the game (on TV) and stitch, when just before first pitch bees started to swarm behind home plate and took up space at the top of the netting 30 feet up. It was not safe for fans, or the announcers who could look down at the swarm, so they postponed the game.

I could hear when they made the verbal announcement when he asked the fans to "be patient". He did not emphasize the be, so not sure he actually knew he was saying a pun, but it was a good one.
They had to call in the expert who was in Surprise (about 45 minutes away) at his son's final T-ball game of the season. Here he is vacuuming up the bees to be released off-site.

Before each game they give this information about weather, the roof and the panels. An extra line was added for this game!

The bee guy's son may have been upset that he left, but his father got a standing ovation when he was driven into the stadium, he threw out the first pitch, he had a press conference and the next day or so I heard that Tops if creating a baseball card of him!

The D-Backs even had a buy one get one for their next weekend series if you used the code BEEGUY.
The game ended up starting  an hour and 55 minutes later, the latest a game has ever started at Chase Field. As you may guess, I got a lot of stitching done!

I googled "bee guy chase field" and came up with these if you are interested.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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