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Friday, April 15, 2011

Maddie and the Move

Sorry I do not have much to post since I have been unpacking box after box after box and trying to find space for things. I never plan to move again!!!!!!!!!!

But Sally asked about the "duck situation" in a comment on my last post, so I thought I'd share with everyone. As some of you may know Miss Maddie is a rescued dog and I was not sure how she would handle the disruption. Well she is doing GREAT, but we have moved her food and water bowl three times and last night she was a tad confused when the dinner bell rang (we have a bird call clock and at 5:00 the Canada goose calls and Maddie knows it is time to eat - we put the batteries back in last night).

I bought her a new duck toy for the new house and the first week she carried it around a lot, took it outside and when it was time to come in she would run back in the yard to make sure duck made it back in the house. Well the honeymoon is over, she left it out the other night and the next day it was snowed on. She is finding all sorts of places to sleep in the new house - including the path I need to unpack boxes at any particular moment!

I hope to have pictures and stitching news soon. Maybe I will take a picture of my studio (aka the land of boxes) to give you an idea on my starting point in there! A scary sight, but the walls are painted a pretty pale peach!


Sally said...

Oh, the classic "lay and block" maneuver - I know it well :) Happy to hear Maddie is adjusting well... anxiously awaiting Studio pics - I love seeing how other stitchers arrange their spaces, as mine always looks like a bomb went off!

Anonymous said...

best wishes to you and Maddie in your new home.

Katrina said...

Glad your puppy is settling in well :-). Hope you get everything unpacked and back to normal so you have lots of stitching time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope that you are soon unpacked and settled in to your new home. Having moved from the UK to the US (several years ago) I know just how stressful these big moves can be!