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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow & Telework Day

Well it snowed overnight and is still coming down. Lucky for me I can telework and stay safe and sound inside. I took this photo at 6:40 am today when I let Miss Maddie out.

It looks to be at least 12 inches on the table. Despite this being my 5th December here, I do not have any high snow boots, so I could not run out and get a real measure. So I used the unofficial measure of  how far up the snow is on the dog! It was up to her elbows and that is about 10 inches. Must be more by now!

So it looks like this is a year when we will have a white Christmas. Believe it or not we do not always have a white Christmas. According to the weather folks and 110 years of data we have snow falling on Christmas about 15 % of the time and snow (1 inch or more) on the ground 3 out of 10 years. So if you want a white Christmas this is the year in Denver!!

I posted this photo with info on the local news network's facebook page and they aired it! With my name and what I said about snow up to the dogs elbow! Wow.

Well break time is over, gotta get back to work.


gracie said...

Brrrr...that's why I have to say!

Pamela said...

Have you really been there five years? Time flies.


Lynn said...

It's definitely a green Christmas here this year. I know it makes it easier for travel but I do miss the snow at this time of year.

Sun City Stitcher said...

Pamela - yes this is our 5th Dec. We moved in May of 2007, so not quite 5 full years. And yes time does fly!

Jessica said...

I just love the snow! We still have a bunch up here. But it's been super windy, so I'm sure that will help melt it.