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Friday, April 6, 2012

Bookmarks, Scissor Fob & Miss Maddie

Just some random items for a Friday, a Good Friday at that!

I decided to try and make the Hungarian Embroidery bookmark on even weave and found this 22 count in my stash. In the photo the top bookmark is the project from Monday's Foothills EGA chapter program done on 18 count (I think) aida. The bottom is done on 22 count evenweave. I made this for a Christmas gift for someone who shall remain nameless.

I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to make a simple scissor fob out of felt. The ribbon is not orange as the picture looks, it is more bubble gum pink...sigh.

We had a nice warm sunny day yesterday and I took a close-up of Miss Maddie looking out the front door. It is a close up because I was sitting on the floor right next to her enjoying the view too!!



Christine said...

The bookmarks are lovely

Deborah Hubbard said...

I really like your bookmarks ... and I have a question! Sorry it's so late, but I've been away.

I've got a bookmark waiting to be finished, and I'm clueless. Did you double up the fabric? Attach backing fabric at the back? Leave it in the optimistic hope that it'll never unravel itself?

I also want to make a bookmark with a gorilla theme for my daughter's friend. That's daunting enough, but not knowing what to do with it when I've done it leads to total paralysis! Which I bet you don't suffer from ...

Looking forward to hearing from you, but if I don't, no hard feelings! Just pat Miss Maddie for me.

Sun City Stitcher said...

Deborah - you give me a GREAT idea for a blog post. I will try and get one up this weekend with examples of different ways I have finished bookmarks, and hope it will help you and others. So stay tuned!!

Deborah Hubbard said...

Oh, I will, I will, believe me!

Deborah in crisply autumnal South Africa, counting the days