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Saturday, November 10, 2012

More Pictures from Seminar 2012

When I last left you I was telling you about the wonderful Trading Post. As I said it was great and lots of room to maneuver in the aisles.

Thursday, November 1: I took a two day class. This one was much closer to the Seminar Office (Newsletter Central), the bookstore, boutique, exhibits and more of the action. The class I took was Echo Canyon by Jeannette Rees. It is a canvas piece using lots of different threads, fun stitches and padding techniques. Also fun was the creation of the Navajo women's hair and braid. She has her back to us while sitting on a Navajo rug to sell her baskets, so we see the back of her head which includes a braid. It was great fun to do. This piece is one I decided to keep working on and will have progress reports. Below are pictures of the class piece in case I needed a closer look while working on it at home. Sorry no full shot.

Friday, November 2:
I continued with class, had a lunch meeting and then we had the Closing Banquet. Here is the favor we got. It is a hand painted gourd  I got one with various sun symbols. The top one is Navajo and the bottom one is Mimbres. It was hand painted by Cathleen Kardas of Albuquerque, NM.

We also got a surprise gift from Country Bumpkin - a pink hard sided scissor holder with flap. Maybe I will get a picture of it sometime. I have not unpacked everything yet!

That about finishes my Seminar report. I hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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