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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Loose Ends and Progress

Today I thought I'd post about some Seminar loose ends and my progress on Echo Canyon, one of my Seminar classes.

First I believe in my last post on Seminar, I mentioned a surprise gift from County Bumpkin. This cute hard sided scissor case. The top photo shows the case closed and the bottom shows it open. What you can't see is a small loop inside that the scissor slides into.

Here is my name tag, stitched and finished by Committee, not me, and a beautiful hand dyed silk scarf. The scarf was worn to help designate that we were on the Committee.
When I got home, I discovered one of my Christmas Cactus had bloomed. Also, that despite my hubby forgetting to water the plants, none died. A few looked a little sad, but all perked up with a good dose of water!

Finally, here is my progress with Echo Canyon. You can see the class piece in this post. This project is very fun and the canyon floor area below the mountains was great fun to stitch. You just did it using an overdye in patches and random, not back and forth or up and down. All tent stitch, but it did not get tedious like going back and forth might.
That about covers it for now. I think I have shown you all the Seminar stuff and from now on I will post stitching progress (and other interesting stuff). Have a great week!!


Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Love your SW designs and your cactus is beautiful even tho it reminds me winter is coming.

Peggy Lee said...

Beautiful Christmas cactus!
Very nice progress on Echo Canyon.