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Monday, April 8, 2013

Foothills EGA Workshop with Catherine Jordan

This past week I took a two day class with Catherine Jordan offered by my Foothills EGA Chapter. We painted fabric, stitched and played with fabric dyes. The class is to create a treasure map - here is the class piece done by Catherine.

To make us feel more at home with painting, she had us make the cover for a small journal before we put paint brush to the larger piece. So the two day class focused on the journal cover, but everything we did on the cover we would do on our bigger map (at least painting wise).

We also had the option of dying our fabric to be used for the bigger map (final size would be 11"x 11") if we wanted. We had cutch dye in our kits, but the other fabric dye she provided in class, so I decided to do mine in class so I could use some of the darker dye for the upper left corner. When stitched this darker area is to help give a feeling of illumination in other areas.

Here is my journal cover so far. The front is mostly done, just some borders are needed. Then I will stitch the spine and the back cover. I painted the sky, ocean and ground. In the ground area I painted shadows and in the sky and ocean I painted in the sun. Also the shadowy border around it all is painted. Once dyed it will pull it all together. You can compare the fabric color not dyed below with how it looks after it was dyed above.

Once done stitching, I will dye it using the cutch provided, and hopefully remember to post an update here on my blog. I do not need to wait for all the stitching to be completed to dye it, that is just how I decided to do it.

It was a GREAT class and Catherine is a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend her.


Ranae said...

Sooo cool!

Donna said...

Living in Virginia, I've had the opportunity to take several classes with Catherine. Always a pleasure and a joy!

Katrina said...

Too much fun!!!!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed the class :-).

Pamela said...

I've seen several of her map projects and I would like to do one! Yours looks like you are having fun with it.
Maybe I'll get out my knot garden project soon. I did all the painting before leaving the US and now need to do more of the stitching.

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Wow its beautiful!!! A pleasant change from cross stitching im Sure!