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Friday, March 14, 2014

Candle Mat and Pin Cushion

I while back I purchased a Luminaris Shamrock Candle Mat Kit from one of my local needlework shops. I decided to get it done for St. Patrick’s Day this year and I did!!! It is a 8 ¾” precut kit, so all the pieces were cut and it came with the thread on a cool wooden thread winder.

It was very fun to make and I got it done in a couple of hours. It is now sitting on the table near the foyer with the other St. Patrick’s Day d├ęcor. I discovered I do not have a lot of March 17 stitching, this item is number three, if you don’t count the table runner I made.

Also the project for my Foothills EGA meeting this month was a Petite Project  “Assisi Embroidery Pin Cushion” designed by Janet Salerno.  We learned a little history about this technique and then worked on the project. It does not use the traditional colors, but an overdyed floss. I did not like the stripe affect I got on top very much (but don’t hate it so in it stays), so when I got to similar spaced area at the bottom I did not go all the way across. I stopped in the middle, but staggered the lines. I also cut the floss to give me more blue or tan areas, so as to get less striping. It was fun to experiment on a small piece – it is approximately 4 inches square.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!


Blu said...

That candlemat is adorable! I like what you did with the bottom of the pin cushion.

Pamela said...

Nice finishes. I've been wanting to do an assissi piece, maybe I'll try a pin cushion.