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Friday, July 14, 2017

EGA National Seminar 2017

The 2017 EGA National Seminar is in Asheville, NC. I am going and leaving hubby home with the puppy! I hope the house is in one piece when I get back.

From 1999 to 2007, I lived in NC and look forward to seeing friends from that time at Seminar and one of them has a brand new needlework shop nearby I hope to get to as well.

I enjoy seminars for many reasons, but mostly to catch up with stitchers I now only see at Seminars since I have moved away. I originally joined EGA while living in Iowa, and have been a member since while living in North Carolina and Colorado. It is also fun to meet new stitchers in the various classes I take.

With EGA, the opening banquet has seating by Region. I know lots of people in the Region I just left, Rocky Mountain, but few if any in my new Pacific Southwest Region. I am still a member of my Foothills chapter in Colorado and could probably sit with them, but it is also good to move on and meet new folks. But I will definitely be checking out the Rocky Mountain Region table!

This will be my 5th EGA Seminar and 6th seminar over all since 2001. My first seminar was the ANG seminar in 2001. Ever since that seminar I have had a special needlework savings account just so I can go to seminars!! It does add up after all.

I am taking two, two day classes.

One is Pathways by Margaret Kinsey. I will say the design is not my style, but I want to learn the technique and missed her when she came to Colorado. I hear she is a good teacher and I know I will enjoy the class since I love to learn new techniques and am willing to try them at least once. Here is the supply list:

Pictured below is a board I have for beading that is covered with blue velvet that I think will work, but if anyone out there knows differently, please let me know.

I am also taking a canvas piece by Ann Strite-Kurz called Loon Tunes. I have never taken a class from her and have heard good things, so I thought now is the time. Plus I like birds including Loons!! I did not notice it had pre-work when I signed up, however!

There are two pre-work assignments to get done, but first we are to baste the centers and top and bottom before the assignments. So the pre-work has pre-work! Sort of.

I have the basting done! Yippee. Hard to see in the photo, but green basting lines are in!!

That about covers is for now!


Donna said...

Maybe I'll see you there. My roommate and I are arriving a couple days early for sightseeing.

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy your seminar and your classes!