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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Puppy & Stitching

Well the puppy is getting bigger (over 10 pounds now) and I am finding times in the day I can stitch. Up to now I was only stitching once a week at club meetings! I am also finding more computer time, so we are getting a little more back to normal!

I have a folder on my desk top called "copies for blog" where I put photos to blog about before I file them away. These were in it so, here you go!!

First (from April) a pretty blooming cactus in my neighborhood.

I am a member of the Desert Threaders EGA chapter and this was one of our projects this past year. A wool applique pin cushion. 

I am also a member of the Saguaro ANG chapter and this is a project we did to learn a finishing technique called envelope finishing. 
Here it is just off the stretcher bars followed by  both sides of the finished piece.

In my finish finishing basket is my progress on an ANG Chapter Project Notebook project - a collapsible ort box. Which I have been working on and off again for a few years. 
I am getting so close to finishing it, I should get back to it!!!  
And I love my clover clips to hold stuff together instead of pins.

This is the scene behind my back while I am on the computer. 
Unless she is on the other side of the chair in which case I may see a nose.

That is all for now!


Gloria said...

Glad to know all is well, and you have found an ANG & EGA group, they are so lucky to have you. Enjoy.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Discovered clover clips and they are useful for so many things. Your stitching companion looks like the best helper ever!

gracie said...

I am slow in getting back to visiting blogs. Love the EGA project and I miss attending the meeting. Hope to be there this month.