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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Jubilation Diamond Box 1

I purchased this kit at a club stash sale in Colorado a few years back since it was in "MY" colors. I finally got around to finishing the stitching and the finish finishing attaching it to the box top. A double whammy!!

It is called Jubilation Diamond Box 1 designed by Denise Harrington Pratt and she also made the box.

Besides the box and finishing materials for the top, the kit had a variegated floss, two solids and a fine metallic and 28 count linen. But all the colors are referred to as color A, B C or D, so I can't tell you the colors except for the cording which used a full skein of DMC 3779.

The finished size is roughly 4"x4". This is the top with cording made by me as well as the stitching. The sides are a little fuzzy because I did this on my scanner. I can't seem to find the photos I JUST took and saved to the computer. GRRR.

This is the side view. Taken with my camera, so what did I do with the other photo?? I may need more coffee or is it too early for wine? It only called for one piece of cording, but I must have misread the instruction because I ended up with a gap, but I had a skein of this color on hand and made a second row of cording. I think it looks fine!

And lastly she puts a label on the bottom of the box since each box is hand made by her and it has a place for the stitcher to add their information. I added the words "and finished by" after the words stitched after I scanned it, so it does not show up here.

It was fun to stitch and the finishing was not too hard either with the good instructions!

1 comment:

Pamela said...

I did this same box in blue! I posted the finish here

Yours urned out very nic!