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Friday, May 1, 2020

Latest Project - Maria Antoni Sampler

I tend to stitch in the evenings while my hubby watches TV (I listen to it a lot) and during the day I work on other stuff. Kind of a remnant from when I worked, but now I can do FUN stuff during the day!!

During the day, I have been quilting a bit, organizing my studio a bit and making cards. I took a virtual retreat and posted about it here. The post is a tad photo heavy since we learned 11 projects! It was fun. I also picked up a needlepoint project that is more easily worked at my studio desk than on the sofa - it is on the large size. A post for another day!

In the evenings I have been working on a former UFO (UnFinished Object) called Maria Antoni Sampler by Margriet Hogue of the Essamplaire. She was the instructor for the 2015 Sampler Guild of The Rockies Retreat. It is worked with Soi d'Alger silk but I am not sure the fabric other than it is a 32 count. I believe it was originally charted for 40 count, but she offered this count as well for the Guild retreat.

When I took the class I did not get far, only as far as all the black and yellow stitches in the top left diamond area. I started on it again around April 21 and below is my progress. This will take me a while, it is a large sampler the fabric is 18" tall by 23" wide.

I think that is all for now! Take care everyone.

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Pamela said...

Nice progress. Very pretty!