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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Mystery Band Sampler

As you may recall most of 2021 was spent away from people. Our community clubs did not meet in person for most of the year. To try and keep our Festival Stitchers members engaged I designed a band sampler. 

I made the design size fairly small. Each band was 5" wide so you could stitch an entire band in one month. It corresponded with our stitch of the month. The total design size is 5"x 7".

The floss choice was up to each stitcher. I suggested a dark, medium and light shade of two coordinating colors. It could be done on 14-count Aida or 28-count linen over two. I chose rusts and greens on cream 14 count Aida.

Each band had the same dividing row at the bottom with each band being a different stitch of the month. You may notice there are only 10 bands, but twelve months. That is because in February we learned the long arm cross stitch which is the dividing band and in December was the backstitch which goes around the entire sampler.

Other stitches used: cross stitch, Smyrna cross, upright cross, rice stitch, combined cross stitch, tied oblong cross, diamond ray, Algerian eye, Pattern Darning, and knitting stitch.

The stitch and the band were published in our monthly newsletter and emailed to members. I am thinking about printing it in a booklet as a fundraiser for the club.

(c) Mary Mahaffey (2021)

I had a lot of fun designing this sampler and providing the project for the club!

Happy Stitching!!

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Pamela said...

It looks very nice with a good variety of stitches.