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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mystery Sampler Completed

I think I last spoke about this sampler and gave progress reports on my original blog which was lost, but I can show you the finished product today! It is roughly 4 Inches wide and 16 inches long. I worked it on my scroll bars.

The 2010 Rocky Mountain Region of the Embroiderers Guild of America Inc. (EGA) was held in Salt Lake City and their theme was Mystery By Design. Each month starting about 10 months before the 2010 seminar they sent Region members a chapter in a “who done it” mystery – the theft of a pearl necklace. They also sent out bands for a mystery sampler. The first installment was how to baste and set up the fabric for the future mystery bands. The band types were labeled A-D and when you got a band to put on the sampler you were told to put it in an A or B or C or D area. Each band was a different height. They gave some color suggestions or you could do your own thing. I used the rust color suggestions, but used a different fabric since I wanted to do this from stash. No two samplers would be a like. At seminar the final chapter of the who done it and the last band and finishing instructions were provided if you wanted to make it into a box.

By the time Seminar rolled around I had all but three bands done – the hardanger, the drawn thread and in my case the bottom band needed to be stitched. If memory serves this band was the one passed out at seminar. Well last week I was looking for something and came across this sampler and said to myself "I should finish that!" And I did, last night.

I did not write down the name of the fabric I used, but I think it was a poly blend and it did not work too well on the hardanger band and the reverse faggot border. It was too slippery. I think I may turn it into a wall hanging of some sort, not sure. It was fun to do and a very nice idea for seminar.
Now for some more pictures, close up (and I think in better focus then the one above).
Here are my top 5 bands:
Now my middle 4 bands:

And finally the bottom. This last band (for me I also could have put it as band 5, but chose to put it here). For this last band we chose motifs to fill the area. I was going to put the flowers in all four corners, but messed up in the scissors placement. But that worked out well since I had not yet put any initials or date anyplace! There is dog in the middle for Miss Maddie, scissors for me, and flowers and trees because I like them.
That's the report for today!!


Cole said...

Great finish!! I love the top section, the flowers are pretty!

Margaret said...

What a great sampler - and the story to go with it. Well done.

Pamela said...

A nice finish and a great project for the region!

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Its beautiful!