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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Houston We Have a Problem

Things are settling down here a bit and I decided to work in my new "stitching nest". An area with my floor stand, scissors, ort container, end table, etc. It also has a very nice OTT Floor lamp to provide extra light over my left shoulder. I have had this set up in all our houses since 1999. It allows me to stitch and "watch" TV with my hubby. I mostly listen and look up once in a while, he watches. This gives me a good 2 or 3 hours an evening to stitch and many times I end up getting a lot done and a reputation as a speedy stitcher. Which may or may not be true, but stitching almost every night for threes hours sure helps get a lot done. Just remember to get up and walk around every hour!!

Well, my nice bright stitching light shows up as a big white glare/blob on the new (and wider) TV! So I can't use it or I have to move to the side and then the TV viewing is not so great and I do not have a table for my stitching supplies!

So, what to do??

I am thinking of getting a clip on light to put on the chart holder on my floor stand to provide direct lighting to the stitching area, hoping it does not show up on the TV.

 Any one have any other ideas??? I would love to hear them.

Itching to stitch here in AZ!!

Enjoy this funny from FaceBook.


Needle Nicely said...

The jansjo clip-on light has a long cord and is wonderful. It costs $14.95 and is available from Amazon and IKEA. I swear by it.

Sun City Stitcher said...

I have seen people use those, they do seem good. Thanks.

gracie said...

My stitching light (floor) sometimes glares into the TV...Dennis just directs me on which way to angle it....somehow it works for both of us.