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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Facebook vs Blogging or Why I Blog

I recently decided to spend less time on facebook and more on blogging. Primarily because I can share my stitching (or whatever) more easily in a blog. I feel I have more poetic license and interact more directly with folks of like minds which is primarily stitching. I can also make my blog look however I like and include informative and fun stuff available all the time via pages at the top of my blog or as gadgets I place in the side bars. I feel more in control here than in faceboook land.

In addition, there is a link at the bottom of each post that lets you share that post directly to facebook. This is great, so all my facebok only friends can see the posts too. I am not sure if I added the ability to link to facebook or blogger did. If I did it, it was too long ago for me to remember how and to tell my fellow bloggers!

I think facebook has a place and works well for fast checkups on what folks are doing, photos, funny animal videos and all, but I feel I can express myself more thouroughly in my blog, and my other blogging friends feel like family. I have noticed less interaction in my blogs (of which I have be guilty) and I hope folks come back to them. I did have one person comment on my last post about facebook that she thinks bloggers are starting to return, I hope she is right!!

I will add, that I have been on facebook too much! When I get to the bottom of someone's blog post I look for a like button!

Since I feel all good blog posts should have a photo, here is a Christmas Thank you card I made.

Thanks for stopping by and 
keep blogging & reading blogs!!


gracie said...

I no longer enjoy Facebook as before. I do check in because there are family and friends who are "there" and do not necessarily visit my blog. As you mentioned, our blog can be shared when we want to. Too much negativity there and so much friendship here.

Pamela said...

I've been told I am the only person in the world without a Facebook account! I do like reading blogs.

LynnB said...

I don't do Facebook at all. I tried it years ago, but didn't care for it.
Thanks for blogging!