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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Politics, Facebook & Kokopelli

Welcome to the political free anti facebook page!

I believe everyone has a right to express their opinions, even on facebook. But lately my facebook page has been up to 90% political - and I am just not that interested. So I am taking a facebook break. I will miss my friends who only post fun stuff, but their posts are overwhelmed by a few of my friends that are now posting 95 - 100% political stuff - that is all I get politics!

I also realized it (facebook) is sucking up a LOT of my time which includes keeping up with this blog. I was a much more active blogger before facebook. I will still send my blog post to facebook so my friends there can get the scoop, but I will miss what they are up to. Makes me sad that a few people have led me to this, but I think I will be a happier less stressed person!! And stress kills.

Welcome to the safe zone!

On to some stitching!

One of my nephews likes Kokopelli, so for Christmas I made him this flat fold he can display as he sees fit. The fabric is what I used for the backs. I believe it is about 4" x 6"

A while back I decided I wanted each of my nieces and nephews to have something made by their Aunt Mary. After this one, I have one nephew to go, and his is in the works. I ran out of thread to get it out for Christmas, but he has a birthday in April!!

That is all for now!


Jan said...

I'm afraid I may have to do the same thing with Facebook. I only joined it to keep up with some stitching groups.
I love the Kokopelli. I was a flute player in my younger days. The backing fabric is perfect.

Daffycat said...

Amen, Mary! I've heard enough political crap to last the next 20 years! Facebook is such a time-sucker...

Your flatfold is darling.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the project you created for your nephew! I have seen a few more people returning to their blogs which is a good thing for those of us not on FB. Enjoy your weekend!