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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Miss Maddie

Not sure I have ever seen a more relaxed dog.

We rescued Miss Maddie in July of 2008 and she has blossomed and made herself right at home. It seems to be a gradual process, but my husband and I noticed about 6 – 8 months ago she just seemed to have made herself at home. She sleeps deeper, has learned to snoop around the kitchen floor after dinner and even tries to get me to give her dinner scraps. She is polite about it, not wining or barking just those cute brown eyes looking deep into mine and those perky Labrador ears. Oh don’t forget the wagging tail. When we got her she was very overweight and we got her down to a healthy size, so I try real hard not to give her any people food. But I admit I break down. But I only give her a little taste, and not all the time. We do not want a return of the chunky monkey.

She gets up from her bed and comes over to one of us, sits close and looks up waiting to be petted. Sometimes she gets pushy about it, but all she wants is a hello and a pat on the head. Then she goes and lies back down.  Kind of like she is just checking in.  Also about 8 months ago I noticed that she  seems to have discovered the merits of belly rubs, and will spontaneously roll over for one, out of the blue. You will be standing there, she sits, looks up at you and bam rolls over and lifts her paws waiting for the rub!  She just seems to act like she belongs now – and she DOES!! We are so glad we have her.

See the stuffed duck closest to her head?? She has had that since Christmas of 2009!! The honk has long gone out of it, but the rest of it is in good shape. She has had the rabbit since September 2010. Currently both these stuffed toys are gifts from my friend Sandra. She is the easiest dog on stuffed animals. But I gave her a kong once and she chewed it to pieces. Luckily I was keeping my eye on her and took it away before she actually ate any.

I guess that about covers it for now, these pictures are making me sleepy!


Parsley said...

Yesterday I posted a video of my labradoodle with a duck. Same one I think!

Katrina said...

What a sweetie!!!! Glad she is settling in :-). My little Bichon Shitzu mix has the same duck, LOL.

Robin in Virginia said...

Miss Maddie is a beautiful dog! I bet she is glad to be part of your family!

Give her a belly rub from me!

Terri said...

Oh she is a sweetie! Labs are such wonderful dogs! Love the pictures. Makes me want to curl up right next to her! :-)

Jan said...

Labs love belly rubs. My sister has a lab and she received the same duck this year, only with hers, the squeak only lasts a couple days. Your Maddie looks like a great dog.

Lynn said...

Miss Maddie is a real beautie!