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Monday, October 24, 2011

Frank-N-Stein For Us this time!

I re-stitched the Frank-N-Stein that I did for my brother and his family for us and here it is. I had to guess on the fabric count (it was not listed in the instructions) and convert some colors since the kit was for one, but I did buy the stein button when I bought the kit so I was set there. I think it may be a tad larger than the one I sent my brother, so the fabric count is probably off, but we like it! I used the same fabric for backing and ribbon in the finishing of this one as the one for my brother.

In this picture you can see the spider web ribbon I used to keep the flat fold parts from separating. I really like this type of finish and I meant to do you a tutorial - but I got too excited about finish finishing!! Not to worry though because Vonna - The Twisted Stitcher has a great tutorial on her site. I will say I used another source for making these Frank-N-Stein Flat Folds, but I think Vonna's instructions are GREAT too and used a bit less fabric, so I may try her instructions next time.

Not sure why blogger will not post this correctly. The original is upright not sideways any ideas?

So, I am sorry you all must turn your head, but it really is not that much different than the one I sent my brother, so if you go to the link above you can see it upright! This picture just lets you see the spider web ribbon (and I remembered to initial and date this one, but not the one to my brother - oops).

Frank is leaning on one of the few things I have knit in my life - it is one of two fall colored placemats I made in 1982!


Kathy A. said...

Love, love, love Frank en Stein. He is just too cute.

Blogger does have a mind of it's own doesn't it!!!

Bec said...

Haha! I love it! He is so cute. great Halloween finish :)