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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our first snow!

As of about 7:00 am we had 6 inches of wet snow (see tip of 6" ruler here). Still snowing quite well now at 9:00 am.

Now I give you a view out my Studio window (which is now on an upper floor).
That is about all for now!!


Syd said...

Beautiful picture from your studio window. We don't usually see snow while there are still leaves on the trees. I would imagine that it's very heavy. Have you had many power outages?

Nancy said...

Too soon for winter! lol We are having Indian Summer now where I live!

Sun City Stitcher said...

Syd I do not think snow this early is too common, but possible. Power outages in some places, but not here. Keep those fingers crossed.

Kathy A. said...

Oh my - I hope it's all gone by the time I get there Nov 4th LOL

Bec said...

Oh, that is a gorgeous view from your window!
I have never seen snow in person. But I would definitely love waking up seeing that sort of view during winter.

Sun City Stitcher said...

It will probably be gone by today (mostly sunny and highs in 40s) or tomorrow (mostly sunny and highs in the 50s). Can't say if new snow won't be around on Nov. 4 though!

Sun City Stitcher said...

I grew up in Southern California and only saw snow on the mountains so I know what you mean. I have lived in the midewest and would say Denver snow/winter is the best. It does stay on the ground all winter and we get lots of sunshine.

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Great stitching weather.

Lynn said...

On occasion we have had snow this early too. I remember the kids going out for Halloween when we had snow. Hopefully it won't stick around too long!

Sun City Stitcher said...

oops had a typo on my comment to Bec snow here does NOT stay on the ground all winter. And it did last a tad longer we still hav snow on the grssey areas today. And it would have been great stitching weather, but I had to work at home. Also Halloween is a bit iffy here, but this year forcasted to be in the 55s for the trick or treaters - and dry.