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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HELP!! My Sewing Machine Died!!!

I have had this machine since the 7th grade. It was a Christmas gift from my mom almost 38 years ago. I was a very good Singer model Ginger that did the basics and a little bit more. I would post a picture, but it is still at the shop where I took it and and found out a gear had broken. A very labor intensive job at $250 - believe it or not the part is still available. It has great sentimental value, but the repairman said for that price I could get a new machine that did the same and more. So, I guess I need to figure out what machine to buy!! YIKES.

I do not know where to begin and thought maybe some of my blog readers could help. I would like a good mid range machine for craft sewing, some quilting and maybe home decor.


Annie said...

I'm sure you will get tons of responses on this. Check this review of a Brother machine on Amazon:

gracie said...

I always buy a Kenmore....I should say when I buy...the current one is about 22 years old and still going strong!

Margaret said...

I too just lost my old, very old, Singer. It has done a powerful lot of sewing in it's day , but I now need something simple . I checked all the reviews and ended up ordering a Brother from Amazon. That is kind of amazing because I come from a strictly Singer family. It actually has more stitches than the old Singer. It was delivered this morning in just three days. What a relief not to have to struggle with "old faithful".

Margaret said...

I too, just lost my old, very old, Singer. After reading all the reviews I have ordered a Brother machine from Amazon. Very surprising since I come from a Singer family. Was delivered in 3 days and is sitting on the counter waiting to be opened as I write.

Christine said...

I've got a Husqvarna. I love it, but I secretly suspect it is smarter than I am and is plotting to take over