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Friday, March 23, 2012

My Hari-Kuyu Needlebook is FINISHED!!

After a couple of late nighters I finished my needlebook! Coffee is my friend this morning!!

It was a lot of fun, I have a few oops in it, but I read once that the Japanese artists intentionally make a mistake in their work since only God it perfect. I find I do not have to do this on purpose, it just happens!! My needlebook is such the case, but I love it none the less!! Already considering making more, but we will see. For some background information you can visit my previous post on the subject.

Here it is all tied up in it's finished glory!!  For the flower centers, I did not have the felt balls called for so I used a fabric covered shank button from my stash. I was able to stitch into the button fabric and the flower fabric to make a nice flower.

Below is look at the inside  with the pages fanned (and you see I have needles in it already). The right accent edge gave me a bit of trouble and I was a bit off in some spacing, but it is mine, so that is ok.

Here is the front inside page. I changed the fabric for the pocket. Originally I was going to use some cute button fabric, but I ended up not liking the color combination. Also I made the labels on my sewing machine.

Notice the blue striped fabric? I decided to use some fabric from my mom's dresses that I kept after she died. When she died (in 1996) I thought one day I might make a pillow or wall hanging with the dress fabric for my brother and me. I still  may, but I thought this was the perfect use since she was my craft/sewing/needlework inspiration!

This is the outside of my book.

It was GREAT fun and Susan may do the class again if she gets enough interest. So, if you are interested go to her page and let her know!


gracie said...

Looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your needlebook is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on such a lovely finish!

Jen Bailey said...

Love how it turned out! And I am so using that the next time I find a mistake in one of my pieces!! :)

Susan Elliott said...

I never thought to use a sewing machine to print labels. My sewing machine doesn't do that but it's a GREAT idea. Plus, the satin covered button centers are just wonderful! So glad for you and your new needlebook! May you use it in great health and through many hundreds of beautiful stitches. Congratulations!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Well done! I love that you used some fabric from your mom's dresses - very special, indeed!

Christine said...

That is lovely, and the use of fabrics that have a meaning for you makes it extra special

Cole said...

What a great needlebook!