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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Romanian Point Lace Finished - YIPEE!!!

On a previous post I showed you my Romanian Point Lace project called Victorian Fan in progress. I was in the process of couching down the cording with sewing thread in a color that would stand out from the cording. I finished this cute design and possible Christmas Ornament last night and here it is.
Now for some background information on this technique. The three-dimensional cord is very special - notice the picots on the edges, these are called side loops - but I think of them as picots. These are important because you stitch the cording that touches together using the picots, and create the stitches within the spaces using the picots. You never go through the cord the picots are the main players. You can start and stop you thread in the CENTER of the cording by dong a kind of zig zag - but always in the middle of the cord so it will not be seen. This is kind of tricky when it is attached to the muslin, because you can't see that side of the design.

When I took the class Sylvia taught us how to crochet the cording using a perle cotton. The cording used in this design was supplied by Sylvia and was crocheted using Cebelia #20 or 30 - so smaller than perle cotton, but the perle cotton was easier for beginners.

I did the bottom cord. You can see I had a bit of trouble in the beginning, but got the hang of it after a while.

Here is the project with all of the Knotted Russian Stitches completed and two of the fan stitches.

It looked kind of ugly when I was done, but once I took it off the muslin it really came to life and I am very proud of the finish and think it is very pretty. I would like to do more, but need to get the hang of making that darn cord!! Although I see in her instructions she gave two possible suppliers of hand made cord - Provo Enterprise and Forget-Me-Not Arts. I have no idea if these places are in business, but will check them out if I feel the need for cord.

I hope my little post has provided you some useful information.


ColoradoCowgirl said...

I think I was in your class at seminar as I took the same one. Too bad we didn't meet then! I haven't looked at mine since that summer. Your work is beautiful & so great that your are finishing stuff!! Keep up the good work!!!

Christine said...

Wow, that is gorgeous!

Lynn said...

This is sooo beautiful! I've never seen anything like this before. It's quite lovely.