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Monday, February 25, 2013

SNOW!! Plus a bit of stitching.

This weekend, mostly Sunday we had SNOW! Final total here 10.5 inches plus snow drifts in places 16 to 24 inches. The snow was up to Miss Maddie's chest in places which made it tricky for her to do her business, but she managed!

 This is early on in the storm, right now all this area is covered by snow with some 16 inch drifts!

This our our back door this am. You can see where I trampled the snow to get the snow measurements and how much it drifted by the patio furniture.

Those deep areas near the bottom of the photo are the 16 in snow drifts Maddie and I had to get through to do our business, which of course she decided to do in one of the deeper areas of the yard! I had to find an area without drifts to do my measuring, but I need taller boots!!!

I planned ahead and did my grocery shopping on Saturday which left Sunday free to "play" in my studio, get some miscellaneous stuff done around the house, bake, and of course STITCH!!! 

Here is a little bit of what I worked on.

The cross stitch is a Lizzie Kate Snippet called "Hop Squared" copyright 2008 that I picked up this past Saturday on one of my "get it done before is snows" stops. I also stopped at JoAnn Fabrics, Hobbly Lobby and the grocery see my priorities here!

This needlepoint is what I planned to work on, but did not. It is a freebie from the DMC-USA website that my night ANG group is doing as our February Chapter Project. We started it in February and will get ideas on finishing it at our March program. It calls for Satin Floss and Memory Thread, but I am using regular floss and the Memory Thread, I did not feel like messing with the slippery satin stuff!

I decided not to drive into work today on the slippery roads. The boss let me take annual leave, so we will see what trouble I can get in around the house today!!

1 comment:

Pamela said...

I understand completely how snow and stitching go together! Hope you have a lot of fun stitching today.